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Cathay Pacific Crew Report Seeing North Korean Missile

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Cathay Pacific Crew Report Seeing North Korean Missile

When it comes to the threat of warfare from North Korea, Americans are beginning to understand that although the tiny rogue nation has often been considered a laughing stock over the years, the threat of a real and substantial attack is now looming. A North Korean EMP attack, of course, is American’s most pronounced matter. But their nuclear program is also no longer a joke. In fact, North Korea’s nuclear program has grown substantially and while many of their missile launches may seem like chest-swelling, the fact is, it is yet another reason to make sure your bug out bag essentials are ready to go. And no group of people knows this better than the passengers of Wednesday’s flight 893 on Cathay Pacific, who witnessed a North Korean test missile fly into beyond atmosphere and fall apart upon reentry.

“Be advised, we witnessed the DPRK missile blow up and fall apart near our current location,” read a company message as stated by the South China Morning Post.

The flight was bound from San Francisco to Hong Kong when it witnessed the rare and terrifying event. The flight crew says its airplane was far from the event, which they also added did not alter their flight pattern. The pilots claim to have seen multiple flashes assumed to have been the missile breaking up upon reentry into the earth’s atmosphere.

Officially, the missile that the flight crew witnessed breaking up was a Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile. According to a Tweet by Dr. Marco Langbroek, the missile was launched from a truck that had “tires larger than Kim Jong Un himself.”

north korea nuclear missile

north korea missile truck

If being a witness to a nuclear-capable missile flying through the atmosphere doesn’t cause you to feel a bit unsettled, I’m not completely sure what would. Often times, we hear these tales through only the media, but such events are rarely confirmed by average citizens. Unfortunately, there is no known video of the absurd and rare sighting, only the testimony of pilots and crew.

Further unsettling is that this particular missile flew for roughly an hour’s worth of time roughly 2,800 miles high, both details which provide more credence to the idea that North Korean missiles are capable of reaching the United States’ east coast. The only “if” in the matter is “if” this particular Hwasong-15 is truly capable of bearing a nuclear warhead, which would add massive weight to the missile and potentially drag it down.

Part of the United States is taking the threat of a nuclear attack from North Korea seriously, including Hawaii, whose precarious position to North Korea makes it a more logical target. Hawaii has gone as far as to test warning systems throughout the island region.

The test witnessed by the Cathay Airlines pilots and crew was North Korea’s longest test to date. North Korea continues to act in reactive manners to both President Trump and other world leaders condemning their nuclear program. With continual escalation via missile testing, the United States is feeling to pressure to find some sort of resolve outside of sanctions which seem to only lead to more and more vitriol and reactive behavior on the part of North Korea. Sanctions often only harm the regular citizens, not the elitists who tend to live lavishly on the backs of the enslaved.

President Trump will likely have to go beyond sanctions at some juncture, but what type of strategy will be deployed remains a mystery. North Korea’s proximity to South Korea and Japan serve as detrimental associated risks for any act of warfare. Additionally, it is tough to rule out countries such as China and Iran backing the North, which would place the United States and the world in a fourth world war, something I’m confident no nation wants.

One thing is for sure, a reactive and unpredictable North Korea has the world on edge. On one hand, no one enjoys the idea of North Korea continually propping up a large-scale, dangerous nuclear program. On the other hand, a United States military action on the North could result in massive loss of life.

As a citizen, continue to read our prepper news site and gain insights and updates. And always be prepped for the worst, but hopeful for the best. The prepared always sleep best because we know that no matter what happens, we did our best to place ourselves and our families in the best circumstances available.

Photo by InSapphoWeTrust

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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