School Board President Forced Out For Supporting Roseanne, Begs For Forgiveness…

cathy moritz

If you don’t tow the liberal party line tightly, you risk losing your job. Such is the case for the President of Marion Community Schools’ board, Cathy Moritz.

Moritz shared a meme featuring a picture of Roseanne Barr on it and the words, “We stand with Roseanne. Share if you do too.” The post was shared from the Facebook page, Conservative Women.

Moritz issued an apology following what was likely some pretty heavy fall-out in the Indiana school region. She also claimed to not have known about Barr’s now infamous Tweet that inevitably resulted in ABC canceling Roseanne.

Mortitz, officially, stepped down, however it is safe to assume she did so at the urging of fellow school board members and parents who disagree with conservative views.

“For the integrity of this board and out of love for this community, I am stepping down from my position as president of the Marion Community Schools Board of Trustees,” she wrote in an email, which was published on the Chronicle-Tribune. “As I have said before, I am sorry for the message that was conveyed.”

“I cannot apologize enough for those I may have offended that do not know me or where my heart is for ALL people in this community,” Moritz went on in what felt like a pleading for forgiveness. She also stated that “… I am committed to working with my fellow board members and the community, including the local NAACP, to make this a learning opportunity for myself as well as the community.”

How many teachers, superintendents, or school counselors, could we guess shared support for Samantha Bee following her labeling of Ivanka Trump as a “c$%t?” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that Barr nor Bee should be banned from television. Viewers can make decisions of who remains on air by simply choosing to, or not to, watch.

How many people could have simply ignored Moritz’s Facebook update, but chose instead to become offended and push for her removal from her career? We may never know the depth, but we can safely assume that it wasn’t a minor number.

The new America is covert corporate fascism. Rather than having an authoritative figure deploying laws that censor speech, thoughts, and writing, we now have corporate America making sure that those who don’t abide are unhirable and outcasts. Even begging for forgiveness for partaking in free speech is not good enough anymore.

This morning, celebrities trashed Ivanka Trump repeatedly, insisting her to be less of a person than that of what Samantha Bee called her.

Make no mistake about it, we are headed in a poor direction. If you don’t get in line with climate change, mandatory vaccines, Trump resistance, three genders, and rising taxation, you must remain hidden or you risk the elites finding ways to ruin your careers and families. We are seeing example after example of this.


Author: Jim Satney

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