CBD Oil Study Shows Promise For Pancreatic Cancer Sufferers

cbd oil pancreatic cancer

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Alternative therapies assisting with western medicine cancer treatments weigh heavy on those who  suffer from health conditions, especially an aggressive cancer of the pancreas that aren’t improving with only AMA or western medicine alone – chemotherapy drugs.

The push among western medicine professionals is the use of chemotherapy and sometimes radiation therapy for any kind of cancer.  Most people go ahead with these treatments because they feel it’s the best course of action recommended by their doctor after they are diagnosed, however, these treatments are harsh and most of the time they are worse than cancer itself.  They potentially can cause infections and may lead to more cancer, especially if you are treating cancer with these means over extended periods of time.

While many integrative and alternative medicine MDs across the US know the superior benefits of medical cannabis used for treating cancer, our government is still slow to make decisions at a federal level and President Trump continues to support states making their own decisions on marijuana legalization – medical or recreational.  There is some progress being made and in June 2018, the FDA approved a drug made of CBD to address severe forms of epilepsy, which helps people with this serious neuro-disease but doesn’t help cancer victims.

What is integrative medicine therapy?

Integrative therapy is any kind of treatment modality that addresses the use of the western medicine ways such as pharmaceuticals combined with alternative medicine such as: CBD, marijuana, vitamins – IV or pill, other medicinal herbals, amino acids and other supplements, as well as other practices such as acupuncture, aroma and massage therapy.  There are several ways you can complement Western medicine and get an integrative treatment plan out of it and be able to address medical problems from all options of medicine.

CBD oil from the cannabis hemp plant is fairly easy to obtain through online means for individuals seeking to get off anxiety, pain, or nerve medications or to help assist them with other conditions as seen fit by their alternative or integrative medicine doctor.  However, the kind of CBD we are talking about using in cancer treatment is derived from the marijuana plant flower and is extracted through a CO2 process and has a higher level of THC than the CBD from the cannabis hemp plant and it’s illegal unless your state has approved medical marijuana or recreational use.  Regular CBD from hemp has less THC but can be beneficial for a variety of ailments, and most likely will reduce chances of cancer because it has anti-inflammatory properties though a higher THC. CBD would be better – based on what we know from this pancreatic cancer treatment study in rats with the CBD from marijuana.  

CBD Oil and Pancreatic Cancer

In a new study on rats, pancreatic cancer was treated with this dual treatment approach: CBD oil from the marijuana plant with chemotherapy.   This integrative approach is not only practical, but shows extreme promise because it tripled the survival rate in rats when used in combination with the chemotherapy.  This is a very positive outcome and should pose potential future treatment plans that will eventually be FDA stamped, but first these treatments have to be documented in a clinical setting during a human trial phase.  Pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer you can have; most don’t survive from it.

Being able to show this much promise is outstanding news for pancreatic cancer patients – but will an integrative cancer therapy treatment protocol be approved in time to help patients who suffer now?  Probably not. While the human trials involving CBD as a cancer treatment are moving faster for patients in the UK, similar efforts could face obstacles in the U.S., where CBD derived from marijuana is still considered an illegal (Schedule 1) substance under our federal law.  

According to the American Cancer Society, when combining the various stages of pancreatic cancer, a single-year’s survival rate is at 20%, and the five-year rate falls just under 7%. That ranks pancreatic cancer as one of the top 15 most common cancers in the world.

What chemo and radiation do to the immune system

There’s been controversy over the use of chemotherapy and radiation for any kind of cancer as it is a well-known fact that these treatments are killing cells that are good and bad.  The immune system in the process of trying to eradicate cancer is being overly suppressed. Without the immune system functioning at optimal levels, any kind of cancer can come back with a vengeance when using chemotherapy.  Adding radiation on top of it and you are doing a double whammy on your immune system. So, being able to use CBD or other integrative approaches seem like the best plan of action to assist with boosting the immune system, staying as stress and anxiety free  as possible as well as helping to combat other infections during chemo treatments and in between treatments.

Some individuals have cancerous tumors removed while doing these AMA treatments and it’s also hard to recover from surgeries, and the likelihood of tumors re-growing can increase because of being immunosuppressed from these aggressive treatments.  Alternative therapies are finally being more recognized in the AMA community and tertiary hospitals such as Johns Hopkins medical system in Baltimore, Maryland and others around the country have recognized the benefits of IV vitamin C therapy to boost the immune system, and be a supplemental use in addition to the chemotherapy treatment process to help eradicate cancers.  

Where we are with legalization of marijuana

At this point in time, there are still only a handful of states that have legalized marijuana at a recreational level; though more are jumping on the medical marijuana legalization bandwagon – which needs to happen faster.  This summer, Canada has legalized recreational marijuana and this could potentially prompt the United States federal government to legalize marijuana, however there are lawmakers still against this idea, which will prolong the full legalization. The recent surge in the popularity of marijuana stocks shows that investors all over the world believe legalization is on the horizon; it is simply a matter or when.

Not all patients do alternative means in addition to the chemotherapy and radiation.  Some individuals smoke marijuana to help them be able to have an appetite and to reduce nausea – but this of course was illegal until more recent years when states started approving medical marijuana.  

Hopefully, with this new study human trials with CBD as well as chemotherapy will come and go quickly so more states who currently do not have medical marijuana legalized can get moving with legislation to do so. The FDA already has this knowledge and they have had this knowledge for quite some time and those with aggressive forms of cancer of the pancreas, and other brain cancers and blood cancers that are deadly can be treated with this dual approach that is not only beneficial and can possibly eradicate cancer but is the most practical as far as the improvement of cellular health in the entire body during treatment.

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