CBS, ABC, NBC Announce They Won’t Cover Trump’s 4th of July Event

trump 4th july parade

NBC, CBS, and ABC announced this afternoon that they intend to opt out of showing President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” celebration. The President’s celebration is set to air on the 4th of July. Rather than air the President’s celebration, networks will instead run “regularly scheduled programs” such as “Jeopardy!”

Mainstream news bypassing Independence Day celebrations held by the White House is certain to draw criticism, considering the President’s claims that these same networks are biased against his administration.

The Daily Mail, who initially reported the story, claims the same networks will offer online streaming of the event.

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The “Salute to America” celebration includes an honoring of America’s armed forces. CBS News harshly criticized the President for “distracting from the holiday.”

“The president’s critics have chastised him for bringing costly military equipment reminiscent of more dictatorial regimes and for placing himself center stage in the typically nonpartisan celebration.” The article goes on.

President Trump says that the Bastille Day celebrations in France back in 2017 served to inspire his decision to hold a similar American celebration this year.

As for which mainstream outlets will serve up the event on television, both Fox News (no surprise here) and CSPAN intend to air it.

The event will have fireworks, concerts, jet airplanes flying over, and military personnel featured.

President Trump told a recent rally in Florida that the event will be a “big day,” according to WRC-TV.

“We’re going to have hundreds of thousands of people, we’re going to celebrate America. On July Fourth in Washington, D.C., come on down, we’re going to have a big day. Bring your flags, bring those flags. Bring those American flags.”

The announcement by NBC, CBS, and ABC are sure to inflame conservatives and moderates who accuse these networks of participating in extremely biased coverage. The networks have long denied doing so, but they’ll struggle to justify this latest move to their detractors.

Author: Jim Satney

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