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CBS Interviews Trump Supporter Women And They Don’t Back Down

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CBS Interviews Trump Supporter Women And They Don’t Back Down

President Donald Trump, like Presidents before him, has his flaws. There is no question that Trump’s flop on Afghanistan was, indeed, a flop. But the mainstream media’s salacious war on Trump continues to push the herd away from talking about real policy and into the doldrums of pure hyperbole intended to divide and fear monger.

But for those who are watching carefully and filtering out the mainstream media’s tirades over issues which do not matter, the needle for Trump has either moved more towards him or hasn’t moved any further back. The Democrats remain focused on dividing the nation over ideas of racism, but a silent majority is still solidified.

CBS attempted to either set up several Trump supporting women for failure or put them on camera as a way to reveal their identities to their communities. These women, of distinctly different races and nationalities, were unwavering in their support for the President.

The interview starts off with this exchange which creates the initial line in the sand.

“Has your support for Trump lessened?”

“Not at all.”

Then one of the women, commenting on Trump’s less than gentle approach with his words chosen:

“I don’t’ look at Trump as my Pastor.”

On Charlottesville…

“The media is turning it into a black and white issue”

President Trump is ripe to be beaten in 2020, but Democrats refuse to talk policy and until then, the silent majority (or not so silent, judging from the video) will continue to grow. People are tired of the media baiting them into hating their neighbors. Most people are waking up and looking around them and realizing that they get along with everyone. The media is attempting to force everyone into a racial war. But many of us are not having it.

Women, with particular emphasis, have been attacked for supporting Trump especially hard. For any woman to come forward in this day and age as a supporter of the President, it is a very real risk to their social and financial well-beings. But many women voted for Trump.

The fact is, Democrats, refuse to focus on policy and candidates. They need to get electable candidates to the podiums in short order if they want any chance at 2018 and 2020. Pushing divisions amongst the races is not going to win them elections. In fact, it will continue to sink them. Remember, the DNC’s first quarter donation tally pales in comparison to the RNC (that’s a hugely bad indicator for the DNC). This shows that even staunch Democrats refuse to get behind their own party. Many staunch Democrats have told me that they believe their extremist wing, Antifa, and Social Justice Warriors, are having a tainted effect on their overall party. I’d agree. But rooting out this extremist wing will be difficult when most of their politicians use their hostile engagements as political fuel for campaigning. And the mainstream media tends to adore groups like Antifa.

Until America wakes up to the fact that the media is creating a divide, Trump will likely remain in power, as will conservative politicians throughout the nation. For us, we believe that our nation thrives on being balanced. A Democratic party limping around like an injured duck is not good for the bigger picture. Let’s just hope that the DNC realizes this before it is too late.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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