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Cell Phone Radiation Linked To Miscarriages In Women

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Cell Phone Radiation Linked To Miscarriages In Women

We often hear that 5G health risk concerns are more conspiracy theories than they are factual. Be that as it may, several prominent studies do indeed show that cell phone radiation, in general, is cause for health concern.

Emerging science is now showing that cell phone radiation, or non-ionizing radiation, exposure causes increased instances of miscarriages in women. The study, published in Nature.com, details that magnetic field (MF) non-ionizing radiation, which is densely surrounding us at all times, is unhealthy for pregnant women. Of course, it would almost be impossible to limit cell phone radiation exposure, but that’s a different conversation.

The study used data collected from 1,000 women living in the Bay Area of California. Researchers from Kaiser Permanente in Northern California discovered a powerful link between pregnant women, miscarriage, and non-ionizing radiation. The results of the interpreted data showed that pregnant women increased their odds for miscarriage from 10% to 24% just by way of cell phone radiation exposure.

The study is troublesome given that non-ionizing radiation is also found in microwaves, powerlines, and wireless networks. The researchers, however, are quick to shout down the claim that non-ionizing radiation causes miscarriage. They clarify that the results only mean there seems to be a link between the two.

“[This study] exposes a known concern — these environmental contributors to adverse reproductive health outcomes, including miscarriages — without yet having a precise cause and effect established,” said Nathaniel DeNicola, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at George Washington University, said.

Radiation is invisible, by all accounts. But is that which we can’t see our new enemy to healthy living? It’s certainly possible, which is why so many communities are fighting 5G network tower installations.

Below is a graph created by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences that are supposed to pacify our fears of devices that emit non-ionizing radiation.

non ionizing cell phone radiation miscarriage study

Image Credit: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

The obvious problem is that the new study linking miscarriages to this same radiation seems to counter the theme suggested in the graphic. And that’s what has many people concerned. We live in a fully wireless world competing in a high-stakes global race to 5G wireless dominance. In other words, we aren’t tempering technology, rather embracing it to a point that it nearly can’t be stopped. So if wireless technology harms our health, there might be little we can do about it given its rapid growth and our extreme reliance.

Everything, even the way we buy groceries, utilizes wireless technology. Future generations are nearly fully molded to use such technology for almost all things they do.

Technology advances are a good thing. In fact, they are a great thing. But we probably need to embark on more thorough studies and gain insights into what’s really happening to human health.


Author: Jim Satney

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