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Chelsea Clinton to The View calls Vaccine Safety ‘Fake Science’

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Chelsea Clinton to The View calls Vaccine Safety ‘Fake Science’

Chelsea Clinton was a guest on The View this mid-morning promoting her new book, She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World.

But being that she was a guest on The View, the hosts immediately pulled her into a political commentary; one Clinton seemed more than willing to run with.

She gave her thoughts on her mother’s failed campaign and the excuses surrounding the failures. She talked vaccines and climate change denial and how it all lumps into “fake science.”

She responded to reports that “Hillary coped using by hitting the bottle.” Chelsea seemed a bit thrown by Joy Behar’s joking insinuation and immediately made clear that was “an overstatement” on the part of her mother.

She was also asked by cohost Jededia Bila, a typically libertarian leaning pilar on the widely liberal show, about her mom’s remarks that seem to imply Comey’s statements during the campaign cost her the election.

This happens around the 4:17 mark. She essentially dodges the question.

Chelsea replies to the “voter trust issues,” saying, “My mother is working on a book about the campaign. She’s never going to blame her team. She’s proud of the swell in this country fighting for health care and staying in the Paris climate accord.”

Joy Behar goes on to say that it “was the Russians.” Because, of course she did.

Chelsea responds to “rumors” that the Trump administration is going to take away the right for women to get free contraception.

She goes on to call vaccine safety sciene a “fake science.” She says she is concerned about “fake science surrounding vaccinations.”

The term, “science,” has lost almost all of its meaning. If you don’t believe in climate change agendas or you think that vaccine safety should be looked into, you are essentially a backwoods mindless idiot. At least in the eyes of the prestigious Clinton family.



Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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