Chicago’s WGN9 News Writes Fake KKK Story To Fear Monger Readers

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The title of the article is “KKK fliers left outside homes in Tinley Park.” The only problem is, of course, the fliers aren’t associated with the infamous Ku Klux Klan, an extremist group that’s philosophically aligned with hatred for blacks.

The brief article, which was clearly using the outrageous headline to garner more clicks and further divide readers, stated that the fliers found on lawns were used to encourage “whites to stand up for their rights and to be proud of their race and culture.”

The fliers say nothing about the KKK. Instead, they read that “white pride doesn’t mean hate.” Even if you consider such messaging as racist (and you shouldn’t), that doesn’t in any way tie the communications found on lawns to the infamous KKK.

The KKK has not (and likely won’t) take any credit for the dispersion of these fliers. The police aren’t charging anyone with a crime. This is a complete fake news story that’s being used to promote a racist narrative and agenda by the media. WGN didn’t just use “KKK” in the headline, they also put it squarely in the article’s introduction.

Ku Klux Klan fliers were left outside some homes in south suburban Tinley Park over the weekend.

Where is there any instance of KKK involvement evidenced? There isn’t. WGN took the liberty to make the story up. Commenters on Twitter were divided over the issue. Many commenters saw through WGN’s clear fake story, while others attempted to justify WGN’s egregiously erroneous news by claiming that the KKK works in such ways to recruit new members.

The United States does not have a KKK problem. People aren’t being recruited en masse to join the KKK. WGN knowingly promoted racism by way of a clear fake narrative. This is the state of our news today.

In other words, this wasn’t an understandable accident on the part of WGN, it was a nefarious and manipulative attempt at fear mongering its readers. It would be impossible to consider the idea that a writer didn’t understand the obvious falsehoods in this piece.

Next month, The National Park Service has approved a  “Unite the Right” rally in D.C. The first  “Unite the Right” rally was held in Charlottesville and no one likely needs reminding regarding how that turned out. Former Obama supporter, Jason Kessler, is the mastermind behind the rally that ultimately gets reported by mainstream media outlets as “a KKK rally.”

I anticipate this rally will be covered ad naseum and painted as “Trump emboldens KKK and white nationalist with his racist persona.” WGN9’s fake KKK news story is a lead into the upcoming August rally which will predictably be far worse than Charlottesville. Paid protesters are likely to show up and violently oppose a group of white nationalist that may well be paid to protest themselves. It will be media chum used to fear monger people prior to midterms. The virtue signaling will be in full force throughout the parade of idiocy on both sides.

WGN9’s fake news is more evidence that the news is creating issues from thin air. WGN has a national audience with tremendous reach. Now people in Chicago may believe, inaccurately, that the KKK is recruiting in their neighborhoods. By the time Kessler’s ludicrous dog and pony show take place in front of the White House, citizens all over the United States will likely be lubricated up with similar fears and concerns pitched by their own local news networks.

That’s how all of this works.

Photo by the superash

Author: Jim Satney

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