Chilling Video of ‘Zombie’ Homeless Crisis In California Train Station Released

homeless zombies san fransisco

If you’ve ever placated your own zombie-apocalypse fears with rational thinking, don’t look now, but your prepper mind might well have been right the whole time.

A new video has surfaced out of San Francisco’s Civic Center BART station that offers a chilling up-close look at San Francisco’s growing homeless problem. The homeless are seen shooting up in the open, throwing their needles down, and many walk as if they are “zombies.”

The videos are a compilation shot by a local San Francisco commuter. The people in the video are often seen walking with needles perched in their arms and other body parts. Many of the people are slumped over or attending to shooting up heroin. The commuter says he is forced to walk around “bodily fluids” and needles on a daily basis.

What’s worse? The people in the video clearly do not have any indication that this commuter is openly filming them; another indication of just how zoned out these people are from drugs.

San Francisco is planning to spend $13 million on needle cleanups around the city. They are also going to open safe injection sites to make it easier and more comfortable for drug addicts to shoot up drugs. The city’s mayor plans to move a large portion of homeless drug users living in tents away from popular areas.

Essentially, San Francisco is going to do everything they can to not help solve the homeless problem. Drug addicts aren’t likely to seek out help when they can readily and openly use in the comforts of climate controlled train stations and safe injection sites.

California’s growing rents crisis is also contributing to middle-class workers being condemned to living in their cars. Additionally, out of control taxes are causing many residents to flee and take their businesses with them.

The future for large California metropolitans is bleak unless serious change is implemented in their political ranks.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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