CORONAVIRUS: Leaked Videos Show ‘Unfathomable Coverup, Horrific Conditions…’

coronavirus china leaked video

Leaked videos from China’s hospitals are putting on display the despair and agony that is coronavirus. The videos are often plagued with staff members screaming and crying, clearly under an extreme amount of duress. Another consistent theme is that the cases are many more than being reported by the Chinese government. The conditions appear to be unfathomable.

“There are so many cases,” one female medical staffer cries out.

One man says he went to visit the local Wuhan hospital and that the staff is under “extreme stress.” He claims that medical staff is working upwards of 24 hours a day. Many have bloodshot eyes and have a difficult time speaking.

In one video, a doctor appears to be screaming through a phone, wanting to be home with his family for holidays. Although unclear who he’s screaming at, he says, “you caused this coronavirus outbreak. You’re barely working, while we’re working nonstop.

Come get rid of all these sick people.”

Another medical staff member says “indeed, the infection is much more horrible than it’s reported on TV.”




Author: Jim Satney

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