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China Rushes Military Trucks To North Korean Border As Soldiers ‘Prepare For War’

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China Rushes Military Trucks To North Korean Border As Soldiers ‘Prepare For War’

Reports are now surfacing that China’s People’s Liberation Army is in route to the North Korean border, sparking concerns over the potential for increased conflict in the region. It has also been reported that the Chinese military has been participating in what’s known as a “war ceremony,” a gathering which influences military personnel to prepare for combat.

Lines of PLA trucks were first spotted near Yanji City, an area which flanks the borders of Russia, North Korea, and China. The region has been on high alert ever since Kim Jong-un declared that his nuclear button was sitting on his desk. President Trump has since responded similarly.

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The dynamics of the Chinese military truck brigade call into question what China’s ultimate position may inevitably become. China is a known ally of the North Koreans and has consistently been linked with having nefarious, underbelly deals with the rogue nation. However, President Trump’s long-standing criticism of China’s alliance with North Korea may be contributing to a softening link between the North and China. Trump has pointed out that China potentially has illegal oil trade deals with the North. Trump has stated that there will be “no friendly solution” with North Korea until China backs down from supporting them. The Chinese claim they don’t outright support North Korea, but their actions have not backed those sentiments by any standard. China has stated that they seek peaceful resolutions in the region.

The Daily Star claims that China is “preparing for war on the Korean Peninsula.” If the United States were to launch any sort of military attack on North Korea, China would have an issue with North Koreans fleeing through their borders. China could come to North Korea’s defense after taking over the nation militarily.

Chinese soldiers were seen making war declarations, taking oaths, as they gathered in a ceremony. “The army was very nervous because of the provocations of North Korea, including recent missile launches,” according to Daily Star.

If provoked, North Korea has a flurry of military options, some of which could adversely affect those living in the United States mainland. One of the biggest concerns is North Korea’s potential ability to carry out an EMP attack on the United States, thereby taking down all of our power grids (read how to survive an EMP attack). A secondary potential threat involves North Korea unleashing a pandemic in the United States.

Another potential ally of the North is Iran, who is in the midst of their own revolt state. Iran has likely supplied North Korea with weaponry for years and is now entering the height of a state of animosity with the United States and President Trump.

According to many nuclear experts, this will be the year of confrontation with North Korea, potentially at a nuclear level. Read our nuclear war survival guide for an improved understanding of what to do during nuclear conditions. North Korea has tested nuclear-capable missiles at least 12 times in the area, including one time when a warhead test was even observed by a passenger airliner. President Trump has warned of  “fire and fury” in the area and has shown no indications of coddling Pyongyang.

North Korea would almost be forced to use Nuclear weapons, release a pandemic, or utilize an EMP attack as retaliation for any acts of war. The country would almost certainly be abolished via traditional warfare, leaving them with little more than a state of pure desperation. Without any true means of conventional military prowess, the North would likely choose to go down in a great big ball of fire and take out anyone and everything possible.

In the end, there are no easy solutions in dealing with North Korea, a country that has enslaved and tortured its people for decades. For the rest of us, this is when channeling our inner prepper is essential stuff. Always be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. As it stands, our state of affairs is definitely at a terrifying place.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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