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China, Russia, Deploy Atmospheric Manipulation Experiments

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China, Russia, Deploy Atmospheric Manipulation Experiments

We are not playing God. We are not the only country teaming up with the Russians

China and Russia are teaming up in the deployment of military applications which target the earth’s ionosphere. The ionosphere is part of the earth’s atmosphere which possesses high concentrations of ions and free electrons. This portion of the atmosphere allows radio signals to bounce for extended periods of time, even decades. The experiments by both China and Russia put on display the depth globalist pursuing nations who are typically in opposition of one another will go to in order to achieve a power well beyond traditional spheres.

Control over the ionosphere could result in potential leverage in weather manipulation agendas and even mind control, according to some sources.

Ionosphere Experiments – China, Russia, Combine Technology

The two countries carried out five experiments. One notable experiment on June 7 caused electrical issues over a space the size of 49,000 square miles. Vasilsursk, Russia experienced electrical surges via 10 times more negatively charged subatomic particles in the area.

A June 12 experiment raised high-altitude temperatures to near 212 degrees above their normal ranges.

Russia’s Sura station, which is similar to the United State’s version of HAARP, is responsible for the injection of electrons into the atmosphere. Sura uses powerful antennas that fire off massive amounts of microwaves deep into the layers of our atmosphere. The power is equal, in many cases, to 260 megawatts. That’s enough power to keep a moderately sized city out of the dark.

Russia's Sura station

An aerial view shows Russia’s Sura station shows massive antenna’s that deploy microwaves into the atmosphere.

The countries used a Chinese electromagnetic surveillance satellite to take measurements during the experiments.

“The detection of plasma disturbances … provides evidence for likely success of future related experiments,” the researchers said.

“Such international cooperation is very rare for China,” said Guo, who was not involved in the experiment. “The technology involved is too sensitive.”

When microwaves are thrust into the atmosphere, they create strums, or radio signals, that are powerful enough to penetrate the earth’s oceans and lands. In some ways, this is a logical way to build out submarine communications.

But what’s bad?

A lot, at least maybe.

Weather And Brain Control Potential – Researchers Deny Potential

haarp weather manipulation

The United States uses HAARP as their ionosphere experimentation station.

A foreign nation, such as China or Russia, can potentially decimate domestic military communications. In fact, the threat is so real that the United States built the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, in the 1990s as a counter-measure to Russia’s potential developing capabilities.

Russia and China are competing with HAARP’s capabilities. China is building what’s known as “Hainan,” which when fully operational, will be able to change the ionosphere that sits above the South China Sea. Considering the United States and China are in a largely disagreeable position over the South China Sea, you can see the ultimate working quandary with such capabilities.

Could China manipulate weather above the South China Sea? Could any of these stations serve to manipulate human brains?

Researchers involved in the development of ionosphere manipulation deny that weather or brain manipulation is possible. They qualify such theories under the “conspiracy” umbrella.

No matter what you may believe, one thing is incredibly clear: major global powers want to control the atmosphere. Such powers increase military prowess and leverage. What the results of such a power grab offers in terms of consequences remains to be seen.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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