China, Russia, NK, Iran Readying EMP Attacks On United States

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A newly declassified government report claims that a number of United State’s foes are creating EMP attack capabilities. EMP attacks, or Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks, would cripple the United States by rendering the power grid useless.

“The United States critical national infrastructure faces a present and continuing existential threat from combined-arms warfare, including cyber and manmade electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, and natural EMP from a solar superstorm,” the report, which was first posted on, claims.

The author of the report, William R. Graham (EMP commission chairman), claims that North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran are behind a decade’s long program to develop EMP capabilities.

“Within the last decade, newly nuclear-armed adversaries, including North Korea, have been developing the ability and threatening to carry out an EMP attack against the U.S.,” the report continued.

The evolution of nuclear weaponry infrastructure is a driving factor in the now expedited race to achieve EMP technology. For countries such as Iran and North Korea, becoming EMP attack capable offers enormous leverage. An EMP attack does not require the foreign government to attack within the parameters of the United States, rather, detonate a nuclear weapon in the stratosphere above it.

This concept increases the potential for an EMP attack in our near future.

Rogue Nations Now Pose Severe Threats Via EMP

Nations such as North Korea and Iran, though disruptive in their regions and at times, via global economics, aren’t typically considered a threat to national security. The idea of North Korea marching in from the beaches of California seems ludicrous.

That’s because, it is.

But even a small nuclear arsenal allows a country of any size to pose a serious and iron-handed threat. Both Iran and North Korea possess the minimally required nuclear capabilities to inflict disastrous harm to the United States through EMP.

This isn’t new news. Last year, I wrote about North Korean EMP attack potential.

China And Russia Are Advanced In EMP Development

Graham’s report claims that both Russia and China are well on their way to utilizing EMP attacks as legitimate war concepts. Both countries could make use of nuclear and non-nuclear devices.

The war concept involves detonating high-altitude nuclear blast that emanates EMP waves directly over the United States. The EMP waves would disable electronic devices, large and small. Our national power grid would likely fail.

Worse more, our domestic power grid is in poor shape. If it were to be struck by an EMP attack, it could take years to fix.

This means years of famine, darkness, and most likely, chaos.

An EMP Attack Is No Longer Conspiracy Theory

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A 400 km high-altitude EMP detonation sends electrons to earth, which then spread outwardly, taking down electronic devices and power transformers.

Most citizens of the United States reside in a bubble of safety. At one time, it was only “conspiracy theorists” who acknowledged the potential for EMP attacks. However, over the years, nations such as North Korea have made headlines due to their EMP attack potential.

Last year, a writer for Forbes concluded that an EMP attack would “cause mass starvation” in the United States. The U.K.’s Express published an article citing experts detailing a gruesome 200 million dead if an EMP attack strikes us.

The EMP attack threat is becoming much more readily accepted than many “experts” ever thought it would be. Again, our safety-bubbles sometimes cloud our rational judgment.

But now it’s all breaking down as the threat of such an attack becomes more defined and more reasonable.

Remember, when it comes to North Korea and Iran, plunging the world economy into calamity isn’t a deterrent. These are nations that starve their own people.

The EMP attack for North Korea and Iran is right in their ideological warfare wheelhouses.

“The Threat Is Real”

In 2017, a retired Navy Seal broke down the potentially devastating effects a North Korean EMP attack would have on the United States.

The mainstream media now accepts the potential of an EMP attack on our nation. But do our citizens?

An EMP Attack Would Plunge The United States Into Doomsday

Our power grid is now essential to our modern lives. Without it, the greater portion of our population can’t survive. Few people have EMP attack survival skills, such as survival gardening, personal defense strategy, and general homesteading.

Urban areas would descend into chaotic war zones. Eventually, people would flee cities for outlying suburbs in pursuit of food and water.

Those living in the suburbs who did prepare to any degree would be subject to mobs overrunning them to obtain food, water, and more.

Look no further than the aftermaths of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico or New Orleans for illustrative working concepts. It’s a largescale tragedy that results in millions of deaths.

Our modern society is enslaved by power and technology. Without it, we don’t even have clean water. How many citizens have survival water filters? Hardly any.

Power Companies Are Ill-Prepared For EMP Threat

Some power companies are installing faraday boxes around their transformers. Others are stocking up on replacement parts hoping to serve the power grid with assistance following an EMP attack.

But overall, the prognosis of our domestic power grid against an EMP attack is poor.

“I don’t think we have an illusion we will prevent it,” Mike Bryson, vice president of operations for the Valley Forge, Pennsylvania-based power operator, said in an interview with Bloomberg last December. “That’s really the government’s job.”

But what can the government truly do to protect against an EMP attack?

They could intercept, or shoot down the device, but that likely still detonates it in the atmosphere somewhere.

Preparation Is Key

Every citizen should always be prepared to survive without modern technology, including electricity. Preparation isn’t a full-time venture. A little effort today can result in a lot of pay off later.

Most prepper supplies can be used across multiple fallouts. Earthquakes such as the New Madrid fault line threat, wildfires, tornadoes, a massive stock market crash or economic tumble, are just a few potential threats we live with on a daily basis.

Author: Jim Satney

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