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‘200,000 Girls Missing’ Due To Chinese Population Control, Study Finds

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‘200,000 Girls Missing’ Due To Chinese Population Control, Study Finds

A new study found that China’s drastic population control policies are responsible for 200,000 missing girls. The study blames a birth planning policy called One Child Policy. The study has some in the United States concerned due to the growing mainstream media acceptance of population control.

Population control has always existed within our society and Government. Policies have been implemented for various reasons around the globe; one of the main reasons is simply, control or to make sure a male would carry on the family name. Policies to promote population were done in China in the 70s to eliminate starvation issues.

They are well known for their policy of only having one child per household, but before that was another control policy that really began the Chinese population issues today. Recently, American researchers did a study on Chinese population control and found some alarming information.

Understanding the Background of Chinese Population Control

Population control tactics can cause serious problems within a population such as: fear, infertility, black market baby sales, trafficking, and the main concern in China now, is population decline. In 2015, the Chinese government ended a nearly 40-year policy limiting families to one child. Over the years, some families who were able were granted exceptions and received a special permit to have more than one child.Originally, in the 70s the Chinese used a policy called, ‘Late, Long and Few,’ which was from 1970 until 1976. Even with this policy, the country faced shortages on food and nearly 30 million people perished. By 1979, the government had another policy, which most of us have heard of.

This policy limited couples to only have one child. In the early 80s, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China used this policy as a tactic to teach people about the importance of family planning. This policy made citizens get a birth certificate before the birth of their children.

The 2019 Stanford Study; Missing Chinese Girls

The study (source for study) was done by the Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development headed by Grant Miller, Kimberly Babiarz, Paul Ma, and Shige Song. They ultimately found the older Chinese policy, ‘Longer, Later, Fewer’ has reduced total fertility rates by 0.9 births per woman. The policy was also found to be responsible for an estimated 210,000 missing girls throughout the country.

Other Findings From The Stanford Study:

All the missing girls are most likely a result of families that were complying with Chinese law by performing selective abortions. This ramped up more when the Chinese were only able to use ultrasound technology to see the baby gender. The missing could also have been from postnatal neglect or from murdering infants.

The initial policy of ‘Later, Longer, Fewer’ propelled the fertility sex selection which was for families to try to have more sons. The sex percentages of males to females were found to be higher. The policy also increased postnatal neglect up to .3% of female births among the Chinese during this time.

From previous studies, most of the research on population sex imbalance in China focused on the One-Child Policy. Most of the Chinese fertility decline happened in the 70s. The team investigated the possibility that sex ratios began rising during the one child only policy.

This caused the imbalances in the Chinese population numbers of women and men. There were findings that Chinese girls were always missing. This had to do with the birth planning laws before couples could only have one child.

Outlook For Chinese Population Issues

China has always struggled with its global position because of these authoritarian policies like population control. Miller, who headed the study says that control tactics have ‘unforeseen consequences and human costs.’

The Chinese are now struggling to reverse the declines. They have put together new regulations on workplace leave. Some hospitals are now offering to cover the costs of childbirth. They have also offered to 500 yuan for having a child, and 700 yuan for the second child. Also, in parts of southern China, there is a campaign called: 1,001 reasons to have a baby. In the past few years, most areas have also extended maternity leave.

It is clear that the Chinese Government will need to figure out a better way to proceed for the future, so future generations will have more balance and a better outcome.

Author: Meredith Iager

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