CIA Accused Of Spying On Us Through Our Home Routers

John McAfee, a former Libertarian Presidential candidate and tech mogul who created the McAfee anti-virus program for Window, says, “every router in America has been hacked.”

The CherryBlossom hacking scam, as it is called per a Wikilieaks report, involves a vulnerability allegedly used by the CIA to listen to our conversations via our routers.

Is your router on the list? (see below video)

Here’s the full CherryBlossom list.

CIA hack routers

For the past handful of months, Wikileaks has been warning us that the CIA has a variety of hacking capabilities, including via our routers. These collections of capabilities is known as “CherryBlossom.” CherryBlossom infects routers by injecting firmware into them. It can do this on routers listed above (maybe more, who knows). Anti-virus can’t detect the hack, so it goes completely unnoticeable.

Here’s a portion from the CherryBlossom user manual.

CB [CherryBlossom] maintains an information database of wireless network devices in the “WiFi Devices.xls” document. This database contains information about hundreds of network devices, including manufacturer, make, model, version, reference design, FCC ID, network processor, wireless chipset, operating system, default username/password, etc. It also contains firmware analysis information about exact make, model, hardware versions, and firmware versions supported by CB.

Firmware updates are not accounted for regarding the above list of routers. Meaning, some firmware updates could have protected specific routers, it is impossible to know, however.

Is your router on the list?

  • 3Com: 3CRWE454A72, 3CRWX120695A, 3CRWX275075A, 3CRTRV10075, 3CRWE41196, 3CRWE454G72, 3CRWE53172, 3CRWE554G72T, 3CRWE554G72TU, 3CRWE675075, 3CRWE725075A-US, 3CRWE754G72-A, 3CRWE754G72-B, 3CRWE825075A-US, 3CRWE875075A-US, 3CRWE91096A, 3CRWE91096A, 3CRWE920G73-US, 3CRWEASY96A, 3CRWEASY96A, 3CRWEASYG73-U, 3CRWX440095A
  • Accton: WA3101, WA4101, WA5101, WA5201, WA6101, WA6102, WA6102X
  • Aironet/Cisco: Aironet 1310 Outdoor Access Point /Bridge, Aironet 350 Series Wireless Bridge, 1300 Series Outdoor Access Point/Bridge, Aironet 1200 Series a/b/g Access Point, Aironet 1310 Outdoor Access Point/Bridge, Aironet 350 Series, Aironet 350 Series AP, Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Wireless Bridge, Cisco Aironet 1400 Series Wireless Bridge
  • Allied Telesyn: AT-WA1004G, AT-WA7500, AT-WL2411
  • Ambit: (No models specified)
  • AMIT, Inc: WIS418, WQS418, WUC128
  • ANI Communications: (No models specified)
  • Apple: AirPort Express
  • Asustek Co: WL-160g, WL-300, WL-300g, WL-330, WL-330g, WL-500b, WL-500g
  • Belkin: F5D7230-4
  • Breezecom: AP-10, AP-10D, BU-DS.11, BU-DS.11D, DS.5800 Base Unit, RB-DS.11, RB-DS.11D, SA-10, SA-10D, SA-40, SA-40D, WB-10, WB-10D
  • Cameo: WLB-2006_2007, WLB-2203/2204, WLG-2002/2003, WLG-2204/2205
  • D-Link: AP Manager or D-View SNMP management module?, DCS-2100+, DCS-3220G, DCS-5300G, DCS-5300W, DI-514, DI-524, DI-624, DI-714P+, DI-774, DI-784, DI-824VUP, DP-311P, DP-311U, DPG-2000W, DP-G310, DP-G321, DSM-320, DVC-1100, DWL-1000AP+, DWL-120, DWL-1700AP, DWL-1750, DWL-2100AP, DWL-2200AP, DWL-7000AP, DWL-7100AP, DWL-800AP+, DWL-810+, DWL-G700AP, DWL-G730AP, DWL-G800AP, DWL-G810, DWL-G820
  • Epigram: (No models specified)
  • Gemtek: WADB-100G, WHAPC-100GE 11G, WHRTC-100GW, WX-1500, WX-1590, WX-1600, WX-1688, WX-2214, WX-2501, WX-5520A, WX-5520G, WX-5525G, WX-5525R, WX-5541, WX-5545, WX-5551, WX-5555, WX-5800, WX-5801, WX-5803
  • Global Sun: CM054RT, WL AP 2454 NM0, WL AP 2454 QA0, WL AP 2454 QA3, WL MU 2454 13I0, WL RT 2454 NM0, WL RT 2554 QA0, WL UD 2454 13I0
  • Hsing Tech: (No models specified)
  • Linksys: BEFW11S4, WAP11, WAP51AB, WAP54G, WAP55AG, WCG200, WET54G, WET54GS5, WGA11B, WGA54G, WMA11B, WMLS11B, WPG12, WPG54G, WPS11, WPS54GU2, WRE54G, WRT54G, WRT54GP2, WRT54GS, WRT55AG, WRV54G, WVC11B, WVC54G
  • Motorola: WR850G
  • Orinoco: AP-2000 Access Point, AP-2500 Access Point, AP-4000 Tri-Mode Access Point, AP-600 Access Point, Orinoco AP-700, Tsunami MP.11, Tsunami QuickBridge 11, Tsunami QuickBridge 20, Tsunami QuickBridge 60
  • Planet Tec: WAP-1963A, WAP-4030, WRT-413, WAP-1963, WAP-1966, WAP-4000, WAP-4050, WAP-5000, WAP-5100, WL-U356, WRT-403, WRT-410
  • RPT Int: (No models specified)
  • Senao: 5GHz/2.4GHz Dual Band Wireless Access Point, Aries2, Dual Band Wireless Access Point, Long Range Wireless Dongle, Long Range Wireless Outdoor Client Bridge, NL-2511AP PRO PLUS, NL2511SR Plus, NL2511SR Plus(A), NL-2611AP3 PLUS, NL-3054CB3 PLUS, Outdoor Wireless Access Point/Router, Outdoor Wireless Bridge, SL2511SR Plus, Wireless 11g Broadband Router, Wireless Multi-Client Bridge/Access Point
  • US Robotics: USR5420, USR5430, USR5450, USR8054
  • Z-Com: XG-1100, XG-2000, XG-3020, XG-580, XG-580Plus, XG-581, XG-582, XI-1450, XI-1500, XI-1510
  • Belkin: F5D8231
  • DLink: DIR130
  • Linksys: WRT320N, WRT54G, WRT300N, WRT54GL, WRT54GL
  • 3Com: SL-1020, SL-1022, WL-525, SL-1020
  • ActionTec: HWS 01170-01, HWS 01170-01
  • AG Neovo: F-417, F-417
  • Asus: WL-500g, WL-500g, WL-530g
  • Belkin: F5D6130, F5D7231-4, F5D8230-4 v2, F5D6130
  • Buffalo: WBR2-G54S, WHR-G54S, WZR-RS-G54, WBR2-G54S, WZR-G108
  • Cisco: AIR-AP350, AIR-BR1310G-A-K9, AIR-PCM352, AIR-AP350
  • Compaq: Deskpro 2000, iPAQ 3850, Deskpro 2000
  • D-Link: DWL-1000AP, DWL-1000AP, DWL-650, DWL-G650
  • Dell: Dimension 2400, Dimension XPS 600r, Inspiron 1100, WRTB-107GD340, Dimension 2400
  • DWL-1000AP: D-Link
  • Epson: M/N P954A, M/N P954A
  • Ericsson: EPDK S10906/2.11, EPDK S10906/2.11
  • Gateway: Performance 500 (TBR3500), Solo 9500, Performance 500 (TBR3500), Performance 500
  • Gateway Fax Systems: 90si, 90si
  • HP: HP Color LaserJet 3500, iPAQ 2215, iPAQ 5450, HP Color LaserJet 3500, iPAQ 5450
  • HyperLink Technologies: HG2415Y, HG2415Y
  • IBM: X40, 2378-FZU, X40
  • Intel: M3AWEB, M3AWEB
  • Intersil: APDK-EVAL, APDK-EVAL, WorldRadio APDK-EVAL
  • Iosoft: ChipWeb 2.61, ER22 Development Board, ChipWeb 2.61
  • Linksys: NSLU2, WAP11, WPC11, WRT54G, WRV54G, WRT54GS, WRT54G v5, WRT54GS v4, NSLU2
  • Microsoft: NM-500, X09-29306, NM-500
  • Motorola: WR850Gv2, WR850Gv2, WR850Gv3
  • Netgear: WG602v2, WG602v2, WGT634U
  • Panasonic: CF-73, CF-73
  • SMC: SMC2682W, SMC2735W, SMC2755W, SMC2804WBR, SMC2682W
  • SMC2755W: SMC
  • Sony: PCG-FRV37, SPP-A967, PCG-FRV37
  • Sputnik: 802AI, 802AI
  • U.S. Robotics: 5461, 5461
  • WAP11: Linksys
  • Western Digital: WD1200B008-RNN, WD1200B008-RNN
  • Xircom: APWE1100, APWE1100
  • Zcomax: XI-1000, XI-1000


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