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Health Insurance Whistleblower Says Democrats ‘Tricking Americans’

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Health Insurance Whistleblower Says Democrats ‘Tricking Americans’

As 2020 arrives, it’s no surprise that we can all expect a furious battle over health coverage. There are two sides of the camp: one that believes health insurance is a basic right that should fall under a socialized system, and another that believes health insurance is a free-market product. During President Obama’s tenure, initiatives to restructure health insurance in America garnered both accolades and criticisms. The media has long taken a position of admiration regarding Obamacare, but a new whistleblower is raising red flags over the system, past, and present.

The former VP of CIGNA, Wendell Potter, now calls himself a “whistleblower and reformed insurance propagandist.” And he’s creating quite the stir. Potter recently attacked the health insurance structure by lambasting it on Twitter. He implies that Democrats aren’t being upfront with Americans. However, while Potter’s initial call-out seems embedded in reality, his overall agenda that pushes for deeper socialized medicine proves otherwise (that’s later).

For now, let’s look at what he’s saying before examining its utter flawed stance.

“Lately I’ve noticed some Democratic politicians defending the current healthcare system by saying it preserves “choice” for Americans,” he Tweeted, “As a former health insurance exec who helped draft this talking point, I need to come clean on its back story, and why it’s wrong and a trap.”

Cigna is undoubtedly one of the largest health insurance companies in the world. It’s ad campaigns often feature celebrity spokespersons. In his rant, Potter slams Cigna’s ad campaign that says “put patients before politics” and accuses his former employer of “tricking Americans.” He claims Americans have no choice when it comes to plans, something many consider to be at the very foundation of Obamacare’s mission statements.

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While some might consider Potter’s lambasting of his former employer to be sour grapes, his Tweets seemed to hit home with many people struggling to afford health insurance.

Potter’s disposition with Obamacare started back in 2017 during an interview with CGTN’s Rachelle Akuffo.

Potter may, however, have some form of agenda in the works. Potter is now aligning himself with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren’s single-payer agenda. He now wants medicare-for-all. Potter shouts down Obamacare for giving no real options but pushes for a single-payer policy that kills off options.

Potter’s politically motivated lambasting of Cigna might have some truth to it, but his solution proves he’s in bed with day-to-day politics. Potter seems to hope to motivate voters in the primaries to vote Bernie Sanders.

It seems that CIGNA has taken little in the way of mainstream media heat for Potter’s revelations. Instead, the network conglomerates are focused on Cigna’s new agreement to sell non-medical insurance units to New York Life. Yes, on the eve of Cigna being called out for shenanigans, it expanded it’s business and saw it’s stock price increase as a result of the positive coverage. This may well be a result of Potter’s reputation for being in bed with Bernie. It’s difficult to take a whistleblower seriously when they push for far worse solutions than the issue they’ve diagnosed as detrimental to the people.

Author: Jim Satney

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