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City Mows Down Woman’s Holistic Survival Garden

Survival Gardening

City Mows Down Woman’s Holistic Survival Garden

TULSA, Oklahoma – A Tulsa woman has had it with the city of Tulsa’s enforcement code. They cut down her garden, so now she’s suing them.

Denise Morrison has over 100 different types of plants in her yards (front and back). Most of which are of the edible variety. She uses the garden for holistic purposes, such as treating her arthritis and fending off pesky mosquitoes. Yep, rather than use DEET for mosquito protection, Morrison solves the issue with naturally grown plants.

Lemon, garlic, strawberries, grapes, spearmint, and pecan trees were just a few of her gardening marvels that canvased her yard. The city began harassing her and claiming that they’d received “complaints” over the matter of her survival garden. She even went so far as to take pictures of her garden and invite them over so that things could be worked out.

“Everything, everything needs to go,” Morrison said they told her.

The City threatened to mow it down so Morrison called for police intervention. Police did intervene and a court date for August 15th was set. But that didn’t stop the city from sending out barbarians to mow it down, they even went so far as to chop down some of the trees.

“Every word out of their mouth was, ‘we don’t care,'” Morrison said.

Morrison uses her survival garden as medicine.

“Not only are the plants my livelihood, they’re my food, and I was unemployed at the time and had no food left, no medicine left, and I didn’t have insurance,” Morrison said. “They took away my life and livelihood.”

She’s now filed a civil lawsuit over the matter. She accuses the city of going beyond the reach of their authority.

Essentially, this is another government entity protecting the likes of pharmaceutical and healthcare interest. The fact that her survival garden served her medicine she’d otherwise be forced to obtain from the medical establishment struck fear in politicians. What if more people began growing survival gardens and coming to the realization that they don’t need to be enslaved by the healthcare system? That’d be pretty bad for business.

If neighbors truly complained, it is surely due to their own sad state of government indoctrination. Many people see alternative medicine as heresy. Hopefully, Morrison rightfully wins a judgment that’s enough to allow her to obtain her natural healthcare solutions once again.

Every human should be allowed to grow a garden on their land. We have massive liberal movements to “save the world from climate change” but they aren’t OK with a natural garden? They fight Trump’s healthcare plan but simultaneously rip down natural solutions to the healthcare scam? These situations are incredibly difficult to make sense of.

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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