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Clinton To Obama ‘I’m Sorry’


Clinton To Obama ‘I’m Sorry’

Hillary Clinton apparently apologized to President Obama for her stunning loss to now President Donald Trump.

“Mr. President, I’m sorry,” she said, according to the Washington Post’s review of the book, due out Tuesday.

Furthermore, it seems that the then Obama administration was harshly encouraging Clinton’s camp to concede as soon as it became obvious she’d lost too many swing states. “You need to concede,” Obama told Clinton directly, later repeating the instruction to her campaign chairman John Podesta for good measure.

Obama wanted to avoid a scandalous recount. But Clinton waited a full 12 hours (the next morning) before making a concession. Following that, it appears to many that she was complicit in challenging the legitimacy of the election results, something she torched Trump for saying he “might do” if the results didn’t fall his way.

Some believe that either Hillary or her daughter, Chelsea, might be gearing up for a 2020 run.

The Democrats, if they are considering such options, remain fully detached from any persons not living in New York City, Los Angeles, San Fransisco. The country’s mood and agenda has most certainly changed, something the Trump campaign consistently tapped into (whether that was coordinated and strategic of just the luck of the times).

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Author: Jim Satney

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