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Colorado Holistic Doctor Shot Down

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Colorado Holistic Doctor Shot Down

A holistic doctor, researcher and writer named Christopher Bayley King, was gunned down outside of an organic-style restaurant over the Memorial Day weekend in Colorado.

King was just 49 years old and the motive for his murder remains a mystery, but not the suspected shooter.

While dining at a Farm to Table restaurant named Bramble & Hare, a man named Louis Joseph Sebastian approached. The two went outside and the sounds of shots rang out.

It is believed that a possible argument took place preceding the gun fire.

Health Nut News reports: According to his Facebook and LinkedIn pages, King was a physician and researcher who focused on diet and disease. He is listed as the founder of Dr. King’s Clinic in California and also worked at SlimGenics. King wrote in a February Facebook post that he had previously traveled to New Zealand to work with Maori — the aboriginal people of the country — and planned on returning in June to do more work.

You can watch Erin’s full-report here:

The shooter was 23 years old and is being held at Boulder County jail as major questions remain in terms of what his motive was.

Some are noting that Sebastian commonly spoke of “interactions with the mob,” but that seems highly unverified. Additionally, there is no way to classify this as pharma-inspired or conspiracy. But it seems clear that the world lost a good Doctor, at least at this point.


Author: Jim Satney

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