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Complete Nebraska Homeschool Laws Guide For Parents


Complete Nebraska Homeschool Laws Guide For Parents

In 2018, the Nebraska Department of Education data for homeschooling in the state showed it is on the rise. For over three decades it has increased by 800%. In the mid-1980s there were only 939 student’s homeschooled. Between 2016 and 2017 there were 8,598 students in the state learning from home.

If you are considering homeschooling your child in the state of Nebraska you need to follow a few guidelines and make sure appropriate paperwork is filed annually. The state does not require a parent or guardian to meet any specific qualifications in order to homeschool their child; it’s easier than you think. In Nebraska, a homeschool is recognized as a private non-accredited option for parents if they don’t want their child attending private or public school. If you plan on homeschooling you must follow the private schooling regulations.

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Nebraska School Attendance Age and Important Deadlines

You must enroll your child in school at 6 years of age, regardless of where they attend. This needs to be done by December 31st if you plan on homeschooling the following year. If your child is already 6 but won’t turn 7 before the December 31st deadline, you can get an exemption for that school year. You must file this as a notarized statement with the county school district you live in.

Until the age of 18, your child must attend school. If your child graduates school from your homeschool before 18 you can file an exemption for subsequent school years. This form is called Form D and you must get this form from the Nebraska Department of Education, it must be submitted and notarized. The Form C is for when a child is over 16 and has not graduated yet. This exemption needs to be notarized and submitted.

Nebraska’s Homeschool Laws Compliance Guide

Withdrawal Your Child from Current School

If you want to start homeschooling during the school year, formally withdraw your child from the school they currently attend. It is best to start homeschooling at the beginning of a school year so you will need to start the process starts in the spring.

To prepare for a new year as a homeschool teacher, send a letter stating you want to homeschool your child for the following year. Make sure to send the letter certified mail and return receipt requested to make sure your local school board knows what your plans are, put this in a file for record purposes.

If your child has never been to school before, this doesn’t apply to your situation.

  • Notify your school district with letter of intent to homeschool
  • File an exempt status as non-accredited school
  • Notarize release form with commissioner of education

Annually filing of Forms to Comply with Nebraska Homeschooling Laws

  • Annually file a parent or guardian form for your homeschool
  • Annually file a parent representative form
  • Annually file an information summary
  • Always teach the required curriculum courses
  • Comply with vaccination requirements

Both of the parents or guardians involved in homeschooling in Nebraska must sign and file a notarized Form A. This form under the state law requires state approval and accreditation of your school. You must do this form every year by July 15th.

Also, you need to do a form B. This is you and your spouse signing off that you will adhere to all responsibilities as a homeschooling parent or guardian(s).

  • Form’s A and B completed by July 15th each year
  • First year of homeschooling; provide child’s birth certificate too

In addition to Form A and B, there is a supplementary summary form that is submitted with Form B. This form should be filed within a month from the first time Forms A and B are filed by July 15th.

Include on Supplemental form:

  • Both parents, names, ages and education completed
  • All instructors at your homeschool
  • Lesson plans; your curriculum
  • Calendar for school year

The calendar has to show a minimum instruction of 1,080 hours in secondary schools. In elementary schools it must show a minimum of 1,032 hours. This is usually a statement of when the school term begins and ends. Make sure you include all information bulleted above to comply with Nebraska homeschooling laws so you can start your schooling on time! And always teach required subjects and comply with vaccination requirements.

Nebraska Required Homeschool Curriculum

In the state of Nebraska, the homeschool law requires you to teach the core subjects at home. These include the following:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Health
  • Social Studies

Number of Homeschool Instruction Days

The Nebraska Homeschool Law requires you to teach a minimum of 1,032 hours per year for elementary students and high school students must do at least 1,080 hours a year.

Nebraska Homeschool Vaccine Laws

nebraska homeschool laws requirementsAll homeschools in Nebraska are supposed to operate as exempt private schools. All parents who homeschool need to choose between a religious or non-religious exemption. Under the non-religious exemption, which is rule 12, children must be immunized. The state Rule 13 is excused and the child does not have to be immunized.

Nebraska Homeschool State Testing Laws

The state homeschooling laws do not require any child to do yearly testing. With that being said, it is advised that you have your own tests and testing for each term. You want to make sure your child is prepared and understands everything in the required curriculum the state wants you to follow.

Graduation Requirements for Nebraska Homeschoolers

A parent issued diploma and transcript is enough in this state. This demonstrates your child has completed secondary education. If your child is in the attendance age, there can be situations where When your child is passed the compulsory school attendance age, sometimes there are reasons to continue the homeschool law requirements.

Nebraska Homeschool Recordkeeping

You should always keep good records, even though they are not “required” by the Nebraska homeschooling laws. These will be handy if you face an investigation regarding your homeschooling practices. Always keep proof of your child’s homeschool education. Such items include attendance records, tests, homework, classwork, textbooks, and anything else you deem as proof of your curriculum and education courses taking place in the home. These items serve as documents for record keeping purposes and will be a portfolio to show your compliance with Nebraska homeschooling laws.

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If you plan to homeschool in the state of Nebraska comply with all laws. As with most states, a yearly renewal must be done. Record keeping is essential and understanding forms for starting your homeschool are important as well as their specific deadlines. If you have certain medical or religious beliefs vaccines are not mandatory and always remember to follow the curriculum.

State Requirements


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