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California Health Officials Say Brown Water Is Safe To Drink

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California Health Officials Say Brown Water Is Safe To Drink

The water in Compton is undrinkable and can’t be used to even take a simple shower, according to residents who have posted photos of the dirty, rusty looking water online. The residents have been hard at work protesting the Sativa Water District and asking the state to remove them as the main water supplier in the region.

This, because, of course, they apparently want water that doesn’t look like someone used it for a toilet. The 1,600 residents have an attorney and have launched protests in the area. However, the state of California says the water is just fine. The state conducted testing on the water and claim it shows “no signs of bacteria.”

So, in other words, drink away, there is nothing wrong with dirty rusty looking water. The state claims they are still investigating the matter. Bottled water company Niagra has donated upwards of 40k bottled waters to the community.

Don’t worry, folks, California is taxing everyone to death as a way to help the poor. Unless the poor need water, then they must drink special brown water. But otherwise, we are looking at a full-on utopia ripe with streets that defend against the sun and genderless drivers licenses. Get a water filter, folks, because you never know what your circumstances may turn out to be one day.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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