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‘Contaminated’ tap water is plaguing Los Angeles residents

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‘Contaminated’ tap water is plaguing Los Angeles residents

The people of Los Angeles and California have mounting struggles. The middle-class is quickly becoming extinct, tent cities are cropping up all over the region, homeless car dwellers are being forced off the streets, and middle-class workers are now living in parking lots.

And now, parts of Los Angeles claim their water is contaminated. The residents of Willowbrook and Compton say their water is a dirty rust looking color. They say it is undrinkable and so contaminated that they don’t feel safe bathing in it.

“When I see it, I’m depressed. I feel bad because I feel like they are not treating us like human beings,” said resident Karen Lewis, via ABC7 news.

The “dirty” or “contaminated” water is derived from an unincorporated portion of LA County in what’s known as the Sativa Water District. It affects 1,600 residents who seem to be a forgotten by a city focused on highly important agenda items such as comfortable places for people to shoot up drugs.

So what’s the city’s solution for the residents exposed to contaminated tap water? Apparently, it’s more chemicals.

“The company the other day gave some of the residents a chemical called ‘(Red)-B-Gone.’ It’s a rust and iron stain remover. They said, ‘Just put this in the water, and it will be OK,'” Mark Ravis, the attorney representing to the forgotten residents, said.

That doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Residents in the area are hoping to give Sativa Water District the ax, but the fight will certainly be long and arduous.

Thankfully, Los Angeles is chemically lathering up their neighborhood streets to fight the sun and climate change to a tune of $40,000 per mile. Because, clearly, that money couldn’t be used for anything more important.

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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