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Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects Causing Alarm In Clinical Studies

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Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects Causing Alarm In Clinical Studies

Coronavirus vaccine news continues to evolve. There are a handful of companies working on coronavirus vaccine science, many of the vaccines work in unique ways to combat the illness. But there is growing concern that a rushed product might lead to detrimental, or unknown, side-effects. In current coronavirus vaccine clinical trials, up to 20% of them are showing side-effects such as fever, headache, and painful muscles

“They’ve noticed some side effects that are a little more than they expected,” says Kelly Stefano, AHN director of microbiology. “They’re seeing headache, low-grade fever to moderate fever of 100 to 101. They’re seeing lots of muscle aches and soreness. It’s transient for the most part. They haven’t seen any severe adverse events.”

“The components of the vaccine, in order to stimulate the immune response, are also basically causing a reaction,” Stefano said. “As far as we can tell right now, it seems to be a very safe vaccine. They actually elicited antibody responses. That suggests that it’s also an effective vaccine.”

In other studies, vaccine makers are lowering dosage amounts due to disruptive side-effects. For one person, that meant a trip to the hospital with a fever.

“It will be important for us to be upfront with people about potential and real side effects of these vaccines,” says Noel Brewer, a professor of health behavior at the University of North Carolina.

“I think it may be a little bit of a hard push in the beginning, but I also do believe the only way we’re going to effectively stop this is to vaccinate. We’re not seeing it really go away by itself,” says Stefano.

Author: Jim Satney

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