CORONAVIRUS MADNESS: Costcos Raided of Water, Food, Masks, Mac & Cheese…

coronavirus supplies out at costco

If you failed to read our How To Prepare For Federal Mass Coronavirus Quarantines article, don’t say we didn’t warn you. People are beginning to raid Costcos all over the country as the media continues to frighten the public over coronavirus. Even though the New England Journal of Medicine says that coronavirus is no worse than flu; and even though the AP called out Democrats for lying about Trump’s coronavirus preparedness; and even though Facebook called out Politico for making false hyperbole over coronavirus; the media is still pushing the “deadly coronavirus narrative,” causing the masses to empty shelves at Costco.

Our recommendation to have a pandemic survival plan is based on predicting that food and water supplies are likely to diminish given the media’s newly aligned agenda to make Trump look bad in the face of coronavirus.

Case and point, Alison Pence of Eden Prairie, Minnesota went to attend to her normal shopping at Costco, only to find massively empty shelves.

Water, food, mac and cheese, and hand sanitizers were raided. (learn to make your own hand sanitizer in minutes)

The Minnesota Department of Health encouraged people to prepare (as we have done in ongoing fashion ourselves), but I’m not sure this was the desired end result.

coronavirus supplies out at costco

Things are now beginning to lose control as people are becoming more and more afraid of coronavirus.

“I have no idea how to describe it It’s like they are preparing for an outbreak or whenever you have like a storm,” shopper Eric Harris said.

WCCO says that local Targets now have empty bottled water shelves as the madness sets in.

Per the same article, a nurse in the parking lot said they have to keep an eye on masks at work.

“Visitors ask if they can take them and we say you can take two or they’ll take the whole box,” she said.

We are now beyond the line of panic. But with people being subjected to hourly news about death and famine, it’s expected that chaos would ensue.

I’m also getting reports that Walmarts and Costcos in Florida are under siege. Earlier today, Gov. Ron DeSantis revealed the state has two coronavirus cases and declared a state of emergency, sending previously recovering stock markets tumbling again.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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