Criminal Implications Removed From NY Mandatory Vaccine Ordinance

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Anti-vaccine and parental rights’ advocates were awarded a big victory in Kings County Supreme Court on Thursday. The parents are in a battle with New York City health officials over a mandatory vaccination order that affects several neighborhoods in the area.

“I’m here to help protect religious exemption for parents in New York City and throughout the U.S.,” Bushwick parent Andrea Biro told CBS2’s Tara Jakeway.

The lawsuit states that health officials overreached when they passed the order to make vaccines mandatory in specific neighborhoods. Several parents were on hand to plea their case before the judge.

But in what turned out to be a surprise, city health officials removed criminal implications from the order.

“We succeeded. The criminal penalties are not being enforced, they are not in the order. That was the worst part of the initial order, the most unclear part, and that’s out now. So I think we won,” said Robert Krakow, the attorney who represents the parents, stated.

The outcome doesn’t remove the $1,000 fines, but the judge says he’s now reviewing that as well.

“My son was vaccinated. He got measles from his vaccine. They will call it a-typical measles,” Stephanie Mahairas, of Washington Heights, said.

While a small victory for parental rights’ advocates, the battle between health officials and anti-vaccine proponents is expected to continue throughout the world.


Author: Jim Satney

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