Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Shuts Down Wikileaks

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In case you were thinking that cryptocurrency was removed from “powers that be” influence, today’s news should go a long way in revealing that’s far from the case.

Coinbase, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, has suspended Wikileaks, claiming a vague “violations” infraction.

Wikileaks uses Coinbase to allow them to accept cryptocurrency payments for things such as t-shirt and poster sells. This allows Wikileaks the ability to take in donations via cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Wikileaks has tweeted a screengrab of the Coinbase notice.

Wikileaks is now calling for  “a global blockade of Coinbase” if the exchange doesn’t unsuspend their account. Julian Assange, the infamous Wikileaks founder, has touted bitcoin from its inception as a positive model for currency. Assange claims he invested in 2010 and made a 50,000% return on investment.

Following blocking/suspensions by both Paypal and Mastercard, Wikileaks moved to utilizing Bitcoin for payments. Clearly, if Assange is to be believed, the Paypal and Mastercard suspensions unwittingly grossed Wikileaks incredible amounts of cash.

Now the focus is on Coinbase as the fallout on Twitter is just getting started. Coinbase has had issues in the past with potential insider trading, causing many cryptocurrency buyers and holders to move to other exchanges. It is too early to tell whether or not Assange’s tweets will cause issues for the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency exchange. There is also no way to verify exactly what “violation” Wikileaks committed in concern with Coinbase’s TOS.

Author: Jim Satney

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