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Cuomo Says Shutting Down NY ‘Possible’ Again

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Cuomo Says Shutting Down NY ‘Possible’ Again

You’d think they learned the lessons of the past when it comes to draconian shutdowns. But apparently when your New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, your newfound powers are difficult to shed no matter how much blowback and ruined lives you accrue. While doing a book tour and appearing on TODAY (yep, he’s promoting a pandemic book) he said that yet another shutdown is “possible, but “not inevitable.”

All across New York, cases are low, and deaths and hospitalizations even lower. But the good news almost serves to awaken tyrannical governance who seeks a more miserable herd demeanor.

“We are coming into a fall and people should be worried. The experts, all along, have been telling us in the fall the flu comes back, people go indoors, schools open, so you should look for a rise,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo clearly wants the masses in New York to feel angst. And he additionally wanted to convey he remains in a position of power to completely shut down New York City or any city across the state.

“I don’t believe it’s inevitable. I believe it’s possible,” the governor remarked. “Look, we’re closing down areas that are about one or two square miles, right? These are tiny areas. But we have that kind of data and if you can target that way and close down small areas, then it’s not inevitable that the spread gets so large that you would have to close down an entire city or a state.”

NBC’s Willie Geist asked Cuomo about his sending of elderly folks back to nursing homes where many died. He arrogantly dodged that question and turned the focus to mask mandates.

“I should have done it earlier. The experts were saying the masks didn’t work. Common sense said the masks would work,” he told Geist.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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