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CZ PC-10 C Review | A Top Conceal Carry Handgun


CZ PC-10 C Review | A Top Conceal Carry Handgun

I know, the Glock 19 is the best mid-sized handgun on the market and you can buy one at a good price. There isn’t much doubt about Glock’s durability and reliability and conceal-ability (not in the slightest), but I contend that Glock might have an issue on its hand in terms of market share. The CZ PC-10 C is one of the best conceal carry handguns on the market and its a perfect SHTF gun for concealed carry.

This is my main EDC handgun now. If you’ve already read over a number of CZ PC-10C reviews, then you already have a decent idea of what this gun is all about. Here’s the thing. I own it. I use it. I obsess over it. This CZ PC-10 C review will highlight a couple of touted “cons” and get into some heavy details about this handgun.

I definitely think the CZ PC-10 C beats the Glock 19 in numerous essential areas. I’m going to cover breaking down a CZ PC-10C handgun, the sites, the famous trigger, the grip, and the “infamous” magazine release, and concealing it. Oh, and how it shoots, because I put loads of rounds through my PC-10 C.

The Essentials

  • CZ PC 10 review9MM Luger
  • MRSP: $499 (be aware, they are often out of stock and some dealers price them $100 higher based on that)
  • Magazine: 15+1 (it comes with two magazines)
  • The frame is made from a Fiber-reinforced polymer
  • Trigger mechanism is striker, possesses a trigger safety similar to a Glock trigger
  • Sights are steel and they illuminate in the dark so long as they have been exposed to light
  • The barrel is made via cold hammer forged
  • Barrel length is 4.02 inches
  • Height is 5.2 inches
  • Width is 1.26 inches
  • Weight is 26 oz
  • Overall, the length is 7.3 inches
  • No true safety

Glock 19 vs. CZ PC-10 C

This is the core comparison you will see online. CZ PC-10 C is most definitely a handgun looking to rob Glock 19 of it’s supreme, often unrivaled market share.

Overall, here’s my points for comparing a Glock 19 to a CZ PC-10 C.

The PC-10 C has an awesome grip that’s much more aggressive than a Glock 19. When you grip them side-by-side, there is no doubt you’ll notice that the PC-10 C has sharper grip textures. You can feel them in the most obvious of ways. The PC-10’s grip is more comfortable and more reliable feeling than the Glock 19’s all day. The PC-10 C sticks to your hands. If your hand is sweaty, you have little to worry about with this grip.

The PC-10 is a shade longer at 7.3 inches when compared to the Glock 19’s 7.28 inches. It’s noticeable, its also the reason that I believe “most Glock holsters work with the PC-10C” is more myth than reality.

The trigger on a PC-10C is lighter and smoother than a Glock 19’s and things aren’t even close.

A PC-10 C comes with aluminum, glow in the dark sites. The Glock 19’s are plastic and don’t glow in the dark.

The PC-10 C weighs about 2.5 ounces more than the Glock 19. It’s noticeable, but not egregious. I can’t tell the difference in conceal carry weight.

A Gen 5 Glock 19 is going to sell for around $599 as opposed to the PC-10 C which you can likely get at $499 if you look around.

CZ PC-10 C Sights

CZ pc 10 c sights

These aluminum, glow in the dark sights are a great value to pick up on a stock handgun. The three dots are easy to see during the day.

However, the glow in the dark aspect of the sights should not be confused with night sights. These require light to “fuel” them. Also, the barrel end dot barely shows up for me when I line up the sights in the dark.

Here’s a look at them in a pitch black room after they’ve been exposed to light.

CZ PC 10 SightsCZ PC 10 sights

They are great for day sights, but the night sight aspect leaves some to be desired. That said, keep in mind, these are stock sights. The fact that they glow in the dark and are made from aluminum without any aftermarket change is huge value. Right out of the box you have pretty legit sights.

CZ-PC 10 C Grip

The CZ PC-10 C grip is an aggressive, ‘stick to the hand,’ outstanding grip. You will get two additional backstraps with your purchase. The backstraps are the more aggressive texture, the sides are a bit less “grippy,” but that’s only when compared to the backstraps. The grip on the CZ PC-10 C is superior to the Glock 19 for my taste, mostly due to the lack of that weird Glock angle. However, grips are a subjective matter, I’d recommend holding one alongside a Glock 19 to determine this for yourself.

It sticks to the hand, no doubt about it. You can change your backstraps in the same simple, mildly tedious manner you do when you change any Glock backstrap.

Look close at the texture and you can see that the texture faces up on the backstrap. Meaning, you can easily slide your hand up the grip in a natural way, but coming back off gets more thorny.

CZ PC-10 C Trigger

With a 4.5 lbs trigger pull, a smooth pulling process that gets better over time, and a fast reset, this is one of the best stock triggers a handgun has ever been manufactured with.

Like every Glock, the CZ PC-10 C has a trigger safety.

CZ PC-10 C Magazine Issues | Myth?

The CZ PC-10 C magazine issue debate rages on. If you’ve read other CZ-PC 10 C reviews, you’ve most certainly heard your fair share of downtrodden experiences. First, the good news, it is an ambidextrous magazine release.

Here’s the lowdown on the bad news, the PC-10 C’s release is tough to press. I attribute this to two main reasons. For starters, its just tight. You must press it harder and more firmly than you do a Glock’s magazine release, or any handgun you’re most likely used to. Second, its a more protruding button which causes you to have to be more sensitive to thumb or index finger placement.

I’ve not enjoyed it, but its not a deal breaker. I can’t release my magazine on the right side using my index finger in any tactical way. I can using my thumb, but I am aware that I must apply a bit more pressure than normal.

And for the record, not everyone is down on the PC-10 C’s magazine release, in fact, Colion Noir of NRA TV touts it as spectacular proving this is all subjective stuff.

CZ PC-10 Fieldstrip

If you know how to fieldstrip a Glock, just know that a CZ PC-10 C fieldstrip is exactly the same process. If you are new to the fieldstrip in general, I’ll walk you through it.

CZ PC-10 C Felt Recoil

This is where things get weird. The CZ PC-10 C’s felt recoil is noticeably more than a Glock 19. That said, the gun manages it extremely well. While you may “feel more recoil,” no targets go unharmed in the process. My sights tend to line back up faster on the reset and subsequent shot than they do with a Glock. You feel more recoil, but you seem to be able to follow up shots more effectively.

This is a result of the CZ PC-10 C’s recoil management due to its design.

CZ PC-10 Conceal Carry – Glock Holsters?

I’m going to clear the air right now when it comes to concealing a PC-10 C using a holster. Glock holsters don’t really work. No matter where you purchase your PC-10 from, they will almost certainly tell you that Glock holsters fit the PC-10 C perfectly fine. I’ve seen numerous reviews tout the PC-10 as fitting all Glock holsters as a benefit.

I’ve found this to be incorrect. While there might be Glock holsters that play nice with a PC-10 C, the ones I tried did not fit. The PC-10 C has a lengthier barrel which causes the PC-10 C’s trigger cavity to be exposed in most Glock 19 holsters.

I prefer Sticky holsters, but I’ve tried a number of others that simply don’t work. I’ve found that Glock 17 sized holster do work. I use the Sticky LG3 holster and it works amazing.

Using my Sticky holster, my CZ PC-10 C fits snug as a bug in my hip.

CZ PC-10 C Sticky HolsterI

Here it is in an Uncle Mike’s holster (usually these cost around $11), made for a Glock 17.

CZ PC-10 C Uncle Mike's HolsterThis gun conceals perfectly. The Glock 19 has a bit shorter of a barrel and its less bulky and it weighs a bit less, so no doubt, the Glock 19 has a small edge in this department. But I’ve had no issue at all concealing my PC-10 C.

PC-10 Conceal Carry Grip Issue

The only possible negative thing I’d ever say about concealing a PC-10 is that the intensity of the grip texture might serve to “rub” your skin during conceal carry. I find it rubs my hip some, but mostly it feels like a reminder that it’s there more than painful. It doesn’t bother me at all. Being that I love the grip, it’s not something that warrants a complaint. This is more something I tell people so they aren’t overly surprised by the situation.

I don’t think you will care about this.

PC-10 C Fieldstrip

It’s easy, just like a Glock. After confirming that the gun’s chamber is in fact, clear, depress trigger and pull slide back while pulling down on the slide pins. The slide pops off and the inside looks exactly like a Glock.

PC-10 C Extended Magazine

I was able to order an extended magazine for my PC-10 C through PC. It was shipped from Kansas City to Pittsburgh in just under a week. There were some people saying that the extended, 17-round magazine would ease up the PC-10 C magazine release. This turned out to work about as well as you’d imagine it to (it made no difference). But the magazine is great, it gives a bump to the grip as you’d suspect.

CZ PC-10 C extended magazine


The PC-10 C is my favorite conceal carry handgun. In the end, I certainly would not classify this handgun as a “Glock killer,” as some have stated. Its definitely a better value buy considering the trigger, the grip, and the sights. It shoots like a dream. The magazine release is a downtrodden experience, however, it’s not enough to warrant any animosity on my part.

Here’s a video summary of the CZ PC-10 C Review:

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