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American Investor says ‘Banks know’ climate change is a fraud

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American Investor says ‘Banks know’ climate change is a fraud

“Climate change is the greatest fraud that’s been perpetrated on man this century.”

Climate change is a polarizing subject. And for some liberals, their indoctrination is so deep that they can’t hold their emotions together. Case and point – American businessman Daniel Pena is attacked by a liberal over his belief that climate change is a fraud. The liberal, who isn’t shown in the video, can be heard shouting over Pena as he attempts to respond multiple times. Pena eventually tells the raging liberal to shut up and sit down. The host has to interject in order to calm the chaos that’s erupted from the indoctrinated liberal’s seat.

But that’s not even close to the best part of this story/video. Oh, and be warned, Pena curses heavily throughout the video.

Pena starts by telling a story of his trip with a scientist to one of the polls. The scientist, Pena claims, highly disputes climate change. He says that these purported degree fluctuations are nothing significant and mostly fake news.

“13.8 billion years we’ve been on this miserable plant, it’s not a fart in the wind.”

Pena then goes into Florida’s thriving and expanding condominium sector. Florida has one of the fastest growing beachfront in the world. Investors all over the globe are pouring in billions of dollars for a piece of Florida’s beachfront property.

Pena points out the obvious: if climate change is going to sink our coastlines, why are investors pouring in so much money into property which would clearly sink? And furthermore, why are banks financing properties which would be worthless in the future?

“If water rises 10 feet, this investment you made is %^all. Not one single investment prospectus written since 2008, this century, has alluded to, global warming. Not one m$%#$$! If it were really true, the banks wouldn’t invest, they wouldn’t finance, not one m$%$* condominium.”

Pena then goes on to assert that he wished he’d beat former Vice President turned global warming profiteer/shouter, Al Gore, to the punch.

“I’m jealous of Al Gore,” Pena this exclaims, saying he flew on a plane with the former VP years ago, “I’m jealous he thought of this scam before I did.”

“Because the banks of this world know that it’s [global warming] is not going to happen.”

Enjoy the video, but be warned, this is very NSFW.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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