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David Hogg Calls For Massive ‘Die In’ At Major Florida Grocery Store

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David Hogg Calls For Massive ‘Die In’ At Major Florida Grocery Store

Anti-Gun, Pro-Twitter-Warrior, David Hogg, is attempting to stage a “die in” at two Florida grocery stores. Publix grocery store is Florida’s largest grocery store chain and also one of the state’s largest businesses. They are known for having some great fried chicken, but unfortunately, that’s not enough to appease Hogg, who commonly attacks businesses who do any minor thing that he doesn’t agree with.

Hogg, this time, is upset that Publix donated to pro-NRA gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam campaign. The grocery chain has been fending off liberal attacks all week, something that reached a breaking point when Hogg used Twitter to lay into them. And “lay,” might be the literal functioning verb in Hogg’s case. He wants to stage a “die in” at two of the stores on Friday. He’s invited a great many of his jobless followers into the fray. Let’s be honest, if you have the time on a Friday to lay in a grocery store parking lot, odds are, you aren’t employed on any full-time basis.

As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, Publix reportedly donated $670,000 to Putnam’s campaign. Putnam has described himself as a “proud NRA sellout.” Publix has stated that they donated to Putnam for his “pro-business values.” But now the chain is uneasy after a week of liberal fury. Some liberal groups have called for a boycott of the store, but something tells me hardly any liberals will start shopping at the pricier Whole Foods to make a point.

Publix has apologized for the “unintentional customer divide.”

Sadly, many corporations fear liberal backlash even though it often amounts to very little harm. Liberals aren’t likely to truly follow through with threats to cease using a major grocery store and pharmacy chain that offers lower prices on most every product than all competitors. And, well, the fried chicken…

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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