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Delta Paid A Lady $11,000 To Give Up Her Plane Seat

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Delta Paid A Lady $11,000 To Give Up Her Plane Seat

As we’ve seen this week, planes overbooking can go very wrong (maybe United is a bit of the extreme “bad” being discussed). But sometimes it can go super good.

What would usually have been an inconvenience for a family (or a beat down had they been flying United) turned into a downpayment’s worth of cash for one family who seriously milked the system.

Laura Begley Bloom cashed in when she opted to not fight and rather, give up her family’s tickets from New York City to Florida last Friday.

“This weekend, my family and I profited from Delta’s travel woes — big time. We made $11k,” Bloom wrote for Forbes.

It should be noted, Bloom is a travel editor.  She claims giving up your seat for a voucher is amateur. It seems she walks the walk.

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Author: Jim Satney

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