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Denmark Doctors Declare Circumcision ‘Ethically Unacceptable’

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Denmark Doctors Declare Circumcision ‘Ethically Unacceptable’

In the United States, many people are beginning to call out the act of circumcision as a barbaric one.  But overall, the western world is in compliance and agreement that for some odd set of reasons, circumcisions make reasonable sense.

The only problem, of course, is that they don’t. It is simply another act that floats underneath the radar or society’s common sense layer. Most people don’t even question it.

In Denmark, however, the tide is turning.

Last year, 87 percent of Danes absolutely said no to the idea of circumcision by favoring a legal ban on the act.

Circumcisions run counter to the U.N. Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Unfortunately, while most of the world is finding circumcisions to be ethically problematic, it is the United States that remains a stronghold for the barbarism. You can’t find a medical association anywhere that recommends the procedure, yet the United States trekks on.

In 2016, the Danish Medical Association changed its policy on circumcision.

Circumcision of boys without a medical indication is ethically unacceptable when the procedure is carried out without informed consent from the person undergoing the surgery. Therefore, circumcision should not be performed before the boy is 18 years old and able to decide whether this is an operation he wants.

There is hardly any risks that a boy who bypasses the circumcision will develop any foreskin related issues.

A total of 181 patients were included. The cumulative risk of undergoing foreskin operation before 18 years of age was 1.7%.

Even the mainstream media is catching on to the incompetency of the United States over the issue.  In the below video, it’s blamed on “puritanical doctors attempting to curb a male’s favorite sin.”

So it would appear this appalling tradition only stops if our mainstream herd releases themselves from their own indoctrinations. The sad part is, their indoctrination is 100% nonsensical.

Recently, two Muslim doctors were taken into custody over genital mutilation of a young girl. It is odd, and clearly hypocritical, that we don’t share this sentiment over our young boys, is it not?

The circumcision falls under, once again, that sheep mentality of do as everyone else has done so that I don’t misstep. Sadly, this habit of not questioning our medical facilities has led us down a path of embattled relations with medications (see the opioid addiction crisis) and allowed male genital disfigurement to go on unabated.The United States continues to operate in an underbelly medical world.

Is Male Circumcision Against Human Rights?

In the 1890’s, circumcision was a way to hopefully stop male masturbation. Clearly, this is ineffective and ignorant.

The New England Journal of Medicine says, “Failure to provide adequate control of pain amounts to substandard and unethical medical practice.

When one adds it up, circumcision is easily that of a violation of human rights. And yet it continues. Let’s hope that reality sets in in the United States sooner, rather than later.

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Author: Jim Satney

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