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Disney, Nestle, Stop YouTube Ad Campaigns Following Pedophilia Report


Disney, Nestle, Stop YouTube Ad Campaigns Following Pedophilia Report

The Walt Disney Co. and Nestle are among two major Google advertisers pausing YouTube ad campaigns. The ad cancellations follow a viral report that the video platform allows the exchange of pedophilia content. The uncovered activity on YouTube is being termed a “soft-core pedophilia ring” by the whistleblower who’s reporting is likely costing YouTube hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue.

Matt Watson, a popular YouTube video blogger, created the report via his “MattsWhatItIs” channel.

This is “a wormhole into a soft-core pedophilia ring on YouTube,” Watson says of his findings. He also exposes how large corporate advertising money helps prop up the pedophilia system.

“Over the past 48 hours I have discovered a wormhole into a soft-core pedophilia ring on Youtube,” Watson wrote in the description of the video, which has already racked up nearly 2 million views. “Youtube’s recommended algorithm is facilitating pedophiles’ ability to connect with each-other, trade contact info, and link to actual CP in the comments. I can consistently get access to it from vanilla, never-before-used Youtube accounts via innocuous videos in less than ten minutes, in sometimes less than five clicks. Additionally, I have video evidence that these videos are being monetized by Youtube, brands like McDonald’s, Lysol, Disney, Reese’s, and more.”

Watson’s report gets worse when he performs a live demonstration showing how pedophilia networking events take place in YouTube’s comment sections. Watson puts on full display how YouTube’s algorithm lends itself to serving up more and more related pedophilia content.

“This loophole is wrong, something needs to be done,” Watson says in the video’s description. “It’s being monetized. CP is being traded as well as social media and WhatsApp addresses. Youtube is facilitating this problem. It doesn’t matter that they flag videos and turn off the comments, these videos are still being monetized, and more importantly, they are still available for users to watch.”

According to Bloomberg, the source of the story, many large advertisers are jumping ship on the heels of the news.

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“All Nestle companies in the U.S. have paused advertising on YouTube, a spokeswoman for the company said Wednesday in an email,” Bloomberg reports.

A YouTube spokesperson called the findings “deeply troubling.”

“Any content — including comments — that endangers minors is abhorrent, and we have clear policies prohibiting this on YouTube. We took immediate action by deleting accounts and channels, reporting illegal activity to authorities and disabling violative comments.”

Back in March of 2018, YouTube banned gun demonstration videos and introduced an overall more restrictive policy towards firearms in general. The move prompted a great deal of backlash by supporters of the 2nd Amendment who asserted the “gun control” inspired move amounted to censorship. This latest story linking pedophilia networking on the massive video platform serves to undermine the company’s “good will censoring application.”

Here’s Watson’s original report.

Author: Jim Satney

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