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Doctors are probing patients regarding gun ownership

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Doctors are probing patients regarding gun ownership

There are now two America’s, divided by the deep line in the sand. One half is the pro second-amendment, Consitution supporting portion. The other half, is, not so much any of that. Although crusaders against guns often claim they don’t want to take all guns away and that they do support the second amendment, their actions are often running contradictory to their words.

That said, anti-gun liberals have done a fine job persuading unlikely partners in anti-gun legislation, corporations, to take on gun merchants and gun consumers. By having stores stop selling specific guns, such as the AR-15, and having banks shut off the flow of money involved in gun sales, liberals have found a way to circumvent the Constitution.

Now they want to pursue a more personal avenue by infiltrating your doctor, or your pediatrician. Doctors and pediatricians are intimately involved in our lives, at least for those of us who see them with any regularity. Primary care physicians, in particular, are exposed to a great portion of our private and personal lives.

Now, the anti-gun crusade is teaming up with physicians and help combat gun violence. The Violence Prevention Research Program, which is based out of the University of California Davis, is behind the movement. And it is organized in a rather terrifying way. The University group has created a tool-kit to train doctors and nurses to slyly discuss guns with their patients and inevitably extract information.

This all comes down to utilizing doctors to help come up with reasons to disarm citizens. Sure, it sounds well-intentioned, however, like all liberal fascist strategies, it is wide open for much deeper nefarious infiltrations or our rights.

Of course, this tool-kit flies under the pretense of “gun safety,” like suicide and domestic abuse prevention; however, domestic abuse is a rampant issue and not tied to gun ownership. Suicides are carried out using a vast number of methods. It is difficult to imagine that such a strategy is, by design, seeking anything other than helping to reduce guns in general, or at the very least, create gun ownership watchlists.

Essentially, a doctor could just say that a person is “suicidal” because they disclosed they own a gun. The same doctors that have overprescribed dangerous medications, taken bribes from pharmaceutical companies, are now extensions of the Federal Government’s war on the second amendment.

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The Las Vegas shooting is commonly touted as justification over the matter, where “experts” involved in the creation of “What You Can Do” movement, claim the warning signs were there. There is no doubt that warning signs are often blatantly present prior to mass shootings, but how many of those warning signs would have been extracted in a physician’s office? How many really necessitated such a privacy intrusion?

The Parkland, Florida shooter was reported to local authorities who failed to do nothing. He was on medications. His family warned police. Students have admitted to having bullied him and feared he might commit a crime. It would seem, at least, in this particular case, a physician would have done little to help prevent a tragedy that falls squarely on the shoulders of incompetent police work. Additionally, we remind you, the Marjory Stoneman had no armed security and when an armed officer finally was alerted that a tragedy was in the making, he refused to go inside and help (either on his own accord or via orders, that remains a bit of a mystery).

Allowing physicians to probe us regarding gun ownership is ridiculous. That isn’t to say they don’t have the right, but it is to say that it seems to be a violation of ethics (not that ethics matter anymore when it comes to the fight to ban guns). Maybe doctors should disclose all patients who are being treated with SSRI and behavioral medications, seeing that those medications are almost always linked to mass shooters’ medical profiles. In other words, mass shooters tended to have taken SSRI medications.

In places like New Jersey, the state is both disarming citizens while simultaneously mandating HPV vaccines to 7th graders. With the rise of mandatory medicating, I’m not sure I want to allow doctors to participate in the disarming of America.

The war on our constitution is alive and well, make no mistake about it. Be aware of what information you reveal to your doctor, you truly have no idea where it is being sent or stored, or how it might one day be used against you.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.