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Doctors Arrested Attempting To Vaccinate Children at Border

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Doctors Arrested Attempting To Vaccinate Children at Border

As doctors were taken away in handcuffs, protesters lined up at the United States/Mexico border loudly chanted.  “We won’t leave this gate until you let us vaccinate.”

The doctors were attempting to give flu vaccinations to detained migrant children. Instead, the border patrol arrested the doctors, causing an intense scene.

“Children sick they’re crying out, but you don’t care at all. Carlos died of influenza, you don’t care at all. Which side are you on?” some of the protesters sang out in the faces of border patrol officers.

Some of the controversy stems from the deaths of three detained children during the last flu season.

The medical group, formed in 2019, consists of at least 2000 doctors. The group opposes the ‘inhumane detention of migrants and refugees.’ Since the group’s inception, they’ve pushed diligently for detained migrant vaccinations. Last November, the group suggested setting up a free flu shot clinic at the border. But the Trump administration reportedly rejected the offer, citing logistical challenges stemming from short-term detention environments.

The protesters at times, are aggressive in their tactics, sometimes blocking roads and confronting border patrol officers. The doctors have attempted to breach the grounds and enter the detention centers.

border patrol flu vaccine detained migrants protests

Of the six people arrested, four were doctors. The doctors arrested were blocking the border patrol’s gates.


Author: Jim Satney

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