Amazing Documentary ‘The New Radical’ Explores Bitcoin Revolution

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.There is no doubt that Bitcoin mania is upon us. In fact, one of our most searched articles this past month is our how to buy bitcoin guide. With Bitcoin set to officially debut in the Wall Street Futures market on December 14th, a new rush of cryptocurrency investors is rushing the market. Some call it a bubble while others call the opportunity of a lifetime. One thing is for sure, the cryptocurrency market is evolving at a mindblowing speed.

A filmmaker named Adam Bhala Lough may well be leading the pack when it comes to Bitcoin mania. His new documentary, “The New Radical,” is a wild ride following the lives of two men who feel that Bitcoins, and even firearms, are the revolution. One of the men featured in “The New Radical” is Cody Wilson, the guy who created the ability to print a gun using 3-dimensional technology. His partner in documentary fame is an Iranian known for his hacking ability and Bitcoin prowess named Amir Taaki. 

The documentary focuses on a seedy anarchist environment, or libertarian heaven, depending on how you emotionally perceive these types of things. Julian Assange, the world’s most famous document exposer, in featured in the documentary that follows the men as they explore the deep crevices of government overreach.

Cody Wilson is the documentary’s focal point. Wilson remains in a tangled legal web with the state of Arkansas for allowing over 100,000 downloads of printable 3-dimensional firearms. He contends his constitutional rights are being trampled on, the state of Arkansas does not share such sentiment (as you likely guessed). Between Wilson and Taaki, they create a fundamentally sound “dark wallet” that allows an even more amped up anonymity to Bitcoin transactions. In other words, they don’t exactly believe in taxation (who would have thought, right?).

“This is the revolution to the financial future they don’t want,” Wilson says during the trailer, seemingly referring to an overreaching and greedy central banking system.

Is Bitcoin the centerpiece of a war that began when President Trump was elected? When it comes to revolution, the currency would be a fundamental component. If a revolution can change the stream of currency in the masses, it would without question, possess an upper hand in its movement. World governments, of course, are likely to continue to intervene as they realize more and more how precarious their position is. If people realize they don’t need the government to provide them with a means to purchase goods and services, that government loses much of its relevance. Governments essentially work by growing into robust versions which feature entitlement programs aimed at enslaving the masses. Currency is central to such ambitions.

Lough’s documentary is without question, an uncomfortable watch for any Liberal or Statist. And it even challenges the views of the hardest core of libertarians. But sometimes it takes being uncomfortable to grow our understanding and knowledge of the world that we live in. Lough’s documentary most definitely exists outside of any proverbial bubble.

When does personal freedom devolve into complete and dangerous anarchy? The answer, of course, is not so simple to discover. And the documentary quite possibly will leave you with more questions than answers. It is definitely worth a watch, but only if you have the stomach for it. And most certainly, not everyone will.

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Author: Jim Satney

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