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Why Two Pittsburgh Districts Fell For Dangerous Socialism

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Why Two Pittsburgh Districts Fell For Dangerous Socialism

It begins as an exciting, innovative, and progressive idea that’s main goal is to help balance the scales of poverty and the underprivileged.

It ends in famine, violence, and a dystopian abyss.

We all want to help the poor. We all want to lift others up from the mat. The messaging is enticing and captivating.

But compassion, sadly, is often leveraged by the greedy as a way to consolidate their own power.

Now the vile disease of Socialism has found two unlikely homes in Pennsylvania just as many of our fellow Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians have rooted it out of their communities.

Pittsburgh is about to elect two “Democratic Socialists” to the House of Representatives.

On May 15th, Sara Innamorato defeated Dom Costa in Pennsylvania state House District 21 election, while Summer Lee defeated Dom’s brother, Paul, in the Pennsylvania state House District 34 election.

And now, my friends, we have an official tragedy in the making.

When we were in school (at least the many of us in our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond), we were taught of the snake that slithered, lurking and poised to poison us with subjugation while we slept at the wheel of knowledge and reason. When we were kids, we were taught that Karl Marx brought death to millions of people. We read the Communist Manifesto and understood the capacity of attraction it presented to the hungry, to the impoverished, the unfortunate, and even to the compassionate.

Call it “Democratic Socialism” if you like, it’s the same familiar transfer of power we’ve seen over and over in our world. It will end exactly the same way. Look no further than calamitous Venezuela, where the entire financial structure has collapsed and people are now starving in a dystopian harsh new reality.

The people of House Districts 21 and 34 are about to start losing their autonomy. They got baited in by those who chose to ignore Marx’s failures and children crying for a piece of bread and starvation is now the rule, not the exception.

The Democratic Socialist movement is now led by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Pennsylvania tragedies occurred prior to Ocasio-Cortez serendipitously and awkwardly rising as the Democratic party’s new face.

The media wanted her. The fringe wanted her. But overall, the people around the country have not embraced her. Maybe that’s due to her admission that she doesn’t understand global politics, among another of other interview tragedies.

The face of Democratic Socialism, Ocasio-Cortez, the “rockstar of equality and compassion,” said that “unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs.” She admitted she didn’t understand the  “occupation of Palestine.” She doesn’t understand how tax cust work.

Democratic Socialism failed in Kansas even when the media told us it was. It floundered in Michigan. It couldn’t survive in deeply blue (and tropical) Hawaii. It took a dive in Missouri. It was a complete failure and one of the most embarrassing political agendas in American history.

But it was rooted out by the intelligent. Even Democrats don’t want socialism.

Unless, of course, you are a couple of odd districts in Pennsylvania that elected two Democratic Socialists as their Reps.

Why Did Pennsylvanians Embrace Socialism When Other Places Squashed It?

It got exposed for what it is in other places.

But in Pennsylvania, the Socialist convinced people that “this isn’t the same kind of socialism.”

But it is, believe that. And other places around the country figured that out relatively quick, thanks to Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders stumping.

Ocasio-Cortez visited the state of Kansas to formally serve him with a heaping spoonful of election voodoo. The people of Kansas, both Democrats, and Republicans sat at home watching as Socialist followers inundated their social media news feeds and evening news, pushing for ideals that have buried other nations in debt, devastation, collapsed financial systems, and famine.

They saw the devil, it had a face, and it was unable to speak intelligently about any pertinent issues.

So the people of Kansas voted it down and moved on.

Pennsylvania, sadly, fell asleep at the wheel and now they have a real big problem.

Once a ludicrous concept by fringe groups and hippie outliers yet to experience real-world ramifications is now being embraced in parts of Pennsylvania.

The New York Times back in April declared, Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!. Yes, a widely read, “respected” publication, hates Donald Trump so badly that they wished a happy birthday to one of the world’s most notorious composers of human demise.

Twenty years ago, such a headline would have been considered blasphemous if it wasn’t blatantly satirical.

The Pennsylvania issues are a dirty new reality that shows how powerful media conglomerates can charm and guilt a herd of intelligent people into a crowded pin.

Maybe Dom and Paul Costa had run their political courses respectively, which prompted a yearning for change in the district.

That’s OK, even for Dom and Paul Costa.

Things happen.

But that’s where Socialist have now figured out they can gain footing. And they are strategically and intelligently looking to expose places that are ripe for “change.”

Socialists Are Obtaining Power Through Slippery Grass Roots

They are knocking on doors, they are holding community rallies, they aren’t spending a ton of money. They are finding ways to convince otherwise intelligent members of our society that free healthcare is possible. They are telling our neighbors that college should be free. They moving to ban our guns. They are handing out chisels and asking our nation to knock down our secured borders.

They aren’t telling anyone where all the money to pay for all the Socialism will come from (hint, it is your paycheck). They aren’t telling anyone where all those guns you turn in go (hint, they are stored at police facilities).

They have guns, even when they are preaching to you the great benefits of you not having a gun. They lock their doors, even when they preach to you the logic of a world without ICE or borders.

They lure you into a world of morality that you want. They enforce it by any means necessary as soon as you don’t want it. And they live by none of it.

Why The Pennsylvania Travesty Matters

Socialism relies on slippery in-roads. Like that of many terrible things in our world, it relies on a few chips at the wall here and there. No one readily accepts terrible things in their lives, they just happen.

Cancer isn’t something that we embrace, it is something that sneaks up on us when we least expect it. Maybe we could have drunk less alcohol or soda or eaten less fast food over the course of our lives, but we didn’t, and now our hearts aren’t that healthy. We didn’t set out with the goal of having a heart attack, we just really loved cheap and tasty fast food burgers.

That’s socialism.

It’s appealing to the uninformed.

It relies on those who trust the government to make decisions for their children and businesses and income more than they trust themselves.

Socialist in Kansas, Michigan, Hawaii, and Missouri, will chalk up their losses as par for the course and celebrate their new potential footing in Pennsylvania. This means more exposure, more acceptance, and more energy for Socialism.

Two Pennsylvania districts, essentially, are providing a new hope for those who have drunk the kool-aid that is the indoctrination to giving up your self-worth.

What Can Pennsylvania state House Districts 21 and 34 Do Now?

Probably not much unless a formidable write-in campaign is waged in the area and many of the people who made a tragic mistake come to their senses. Registered Republicans in the region didn’t vote in the primaries, so they’d be eligible to help right a wrong.

It’s highly likely that the Ocasio-Cortez effect is causing many in those districts to experience regret over their decisions to vote Socialists into potential power.

It can still be fixed. But the likelihood of such a fix coming along is relatively low, unfortunately.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders and Clinton’s first meeting, By White House –  Public Domain, Link

For now, Congress on both sides of the aisles remains predominately against extreme socialists views for a variety of reasons. Bernie Sanders has spent years attempting to convince the public at large that giving up 95% of our income would be a great thing for us.

He’s failed.

But the new trend of socialism, the stuff that’s digging into communities in Pennsylvania, is finding its way. It’s getting more representation, thanks to these two Districts and Ocasio-Cortez’s soon to be district.

We aren’t there yet and two outlier districts in Pennsylvania won’t change that yet. However, the time to rise up and not fall asleep at the wheel is definitely right now.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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