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Donna Brazile Says Clinton Created ‘A Cult’

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Donna Brazile Says Clinton Created ‘A Cult’

These days, when we closely look at this extreme liberal movement, it is difficult to miss the sad state the indoctrination has had on the herd. People are enslaved to social justice movements, welfare states, and fake news outlets. It is almost impossible to find common sense ground with those indoctrinated to the liberal movement. Because their heartstrings are irrationally pulled and their status with the hierarchy of the herd is always challenged by the indoctrination system, they aren’t engaged even by factual economic and legal data. The single highest testament to indoctrination is that of causing a person to release their own natural ability to think critically. Once that’s gone, the robot takes over the man.

It is then of no big surprise to learn that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was of itself, a cultish like atmosphere. Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile has continued her warfare against the former DNC campaign, that’s now been shown to have officially scammed Bernie Sanders out of the Primary nomination. Now, Brazile, who is being accused by fake news CNN of “just trying to sell her books,” is calling the 2016 Clinton campaign a “cult.”

“I felt like it was a cult. You could not penetrate them.” She told MSNBC.

She also remarked that withheld spending resources contribute to greater problems with garnering the support of voters.

“I cannot help a candidate… if I don’t have the resources if I cannot spend the resources that the party is raising,” she said.

Brazile also seemed to imply that many rumors regarding Clinton’s poor state of health were true.

Brazile’s statements regarding the Clinton campaign nefariously stealing Sanders nomination, followed by her accusations of sexism within the ranks of Clinton’s campaign, have been largely swept under the rug by mainstream media sources who failed to even report it in a timely manner. Now that they are reporting the matter, most of the on-air personalities are pushing the narrative that Brazile is little more than a desperate woman attempting to sell a book deal.

However, Brazile’s claims aren’t exactly risen from thin air. Wikileaks exposed the Clinton campaign for similar acts for months prior to election day. Wikileaks also exposed Hillary’s potentially compromised health status. Although, with Hillary’s health, the optics were about as viable of evidence as needed for many people. Brazile’s statements act more as confirmations than they do as revelations.

Then why is Brazile being ignored? Are liberal mainstream media outlets hypocritically acting as racists and misogynists by either ignoring Brazile’s claims or outright painting her as a pariah? Or is it one large scandalous cover for DNC preservation’s sake? Probably, it is a bit of all of that.

Elections last night in Virginia, New Jersey and New York City all yielded expected blue results. The liberal media is focused on “victory,” and equating results to a future trend into 2018’s mid-terms. But that’s short-sighted gloating that’s meant to inspire the herd. It is also being used a prop to expose Brazile’s statements of DNC corruption as inconsequential. The indoctrinated herd is almost completely passive on items of corruption. Their indoctrination is to their bigger, looming God, the government which presides and rules and disseminates messaging.

In any other normal setting, Brazile’s statement would lead to a massive investigation. Why would it come as any surprise that Democrats treat their own campaign personnel similarly to the way that they treat their herd of supporters? Cults are often top-heavy, they have to be in order to preserve the status of the cult. And the DNC’s cult is thriving, regardless of election results from last year. Their followers have achieved a reputation for violence with BLM and Antifa. They’ve created massive funding with Soros. They distracted them weekly with new social justice issue after newer social justice issue.

Could we be heading for a true civil war? Time will be the only way we find out, unfortunately. But always channel your inner-prepper. That’s just best survivalist practice.

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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