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Planned Parenthood senior advisor caught bullying Parkland survivor


Planned Parenthood senior advisor caught bullying Parkland survivor

A senior advisor at Planned Parenthood has been caught bullying a Parkland shooting survivor and his prom date. It seems that unless you are David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, you are fair game by the media and all elitist liberal establishments for ridicule.

Kyle Kashuv has been the subject of vast criticism and bullying ever since he came out as not being for the gun control theme following the Parkland shooting. But Kashuv hasn’t been blessed with the protective veils that both Hogg and Gonzalez have when it comes to online ridicule. Something tells me that Planned Parenthood won’t be losing any donors over their senior advisor name calling and attempting to humiliate the two children.

Planned Parenthood’s senior adviser, Elizabeth Thorp, feels that Kashuv’s prom date can “do better.” Beyond that, she’s seemingly more than comfortable further challenging Kashuv, who comes off grounded and composed, by way of name calling.

Following Kashuv’s reaction, Thorp decided to take things even further, arguing her position was that of “motherly advice.” (Ironic, we know…)

Thorp next resorted to namecalling Kashuv a “douche.” Again, we aren’t kidding.

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Don’t worry, it gets even worse when a Twitter user posted Thorp’s incredible hypocrisy for all to see. Thorp, it seems, is a social justice warrior that looks for convenient opportunities (you know, ones that involve the protection of liberal children) to defend from terrible bullies.

Of course, Thorp calling a high school child who just survived a mass shooting a “douche” and ridiculing his date is by all means, protected SJW speak. So long as you are with the elite, social rules and Federal laws seemingly don’t apply to you. Its a growing theme and more people should be scared of it.

I’d be hard-pressed to believe that Planned Parenthood will even issue any sort of apology, or, condemn Thorp’s online activity. The same rope length was certainly not given to Fox News talk show host, Laura Ingraham, who was seemingly forced to apologize for remarks made to David Hogg on Twitter. Her show also lost several sponsors over the situation.

If you have yet to realize that the rules simply don’t apply to everyone, you are asleep at the wheel.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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