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Elizabeth Warren Unveils Chilling, Tyrannical Plan To Kill Free Speech

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Elizabeth Warren Unveils Chilling, Tyrannical Plan To Kill Free Speech

In what’s turning out to be this week’s least shocking yet most unsettling news, Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced a bill that would erode basic free speech if passed.

Warren, acting under the guise of ‘fake news fear-mongering,’ wants to criminalize fake news. In other words, “spreading disinformation” could land you in criminal and civil penalties.

Here are the potential 2020 Democratic Presidential campaign’s exact words.

The slippery slope here is as lubricated as any we’ve seen. What “disinformation” would Warren and her cohorts decidedly prosecute over? Would information countering man-made climate change science be deemed ‘disinformation?’

No one doubts that misinformation flows across social media like winds across the Sahara. But the solution most certainly does not lie in a criminal prosecution of the sayers and writers. Additionally, the foundation of this tyrannical state of affairs is based on President Trump winning the election. In other words, “fake news,” as it turns out, could be any number of accolades directed towards Trump, or criticisms directed toward his challengers.

This would effectively subjugate and intimidate political critics.

It’s important to note that Warren has backtracked on claims of her American Indian descent, rhetoric likely deployed to bolster her voting base. Would that also be a criminal offense?

What Warren is saying to us all is that any information that your mighty government deems false is illegal.

This is precisely the direction we don’t want to go if we want to remain a free society.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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