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Companies Are Putting Sensors On Employees That Monitor Conversations, Bathroom Breaks


Companies Are Putting Sensors On Employees That Monitor Conversations, Bathroom Breaks

The worker nanny state now relies on technology to precisely monitor employee productivity. This new technology, which amounts to an electronic badge that attaches to the employee, monitors workers conversations, movements, online behaviors, even when they take a bathroom break. For the company, surveilling office workers intend to increase productivity by leveraging fear and discomfort. Additionally, such technology seems to be overreaching and pose extreme privacy concerns.

The technology uses microphones to help monitor conversations. The location capabilities relay the employee’s movements to top brass. For example, if an employee is near another employee, the company knows.

And things get worse. Motion sensors report on an employee’s posture and general activity.

The company, Humanyze, claims that its “science-backed analytics” improve “compliance” and “management.” The claim, which also serves as the company’s taglines, hardly understates its value. Spying on employees is bound to increase productivity.

The company created a workflow map to show how heavily monitoring of employees idealistically improves a company. The workflow shows labels “disengaged employees,” which we assume to be employees socializing.

electronic badge monitor employees

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Humanyze’s technology monitors chat, email, and communication data of all types. The company claims that it abides by some privacy limitations; for example, it says it doesn’t store these communications for long term. They also claim to encrypt employee names.

The company claims that employees aren’t obligated to participate and that their work status will not be detrimentally affected by opting out. But Humanyze sells its technology on a global scale. There are over 10,000 employees sporting these monitoring devices. Do those companies comply with Humanyze’s privacy codes? And further, does Humanyze truly entertain the ambition that companies they lease or sell this technology comply with the code?

Most likely, the answer to both questions is a hard no. Remember, some companies microchip their employees to “improve productivity.” The onslaught of nanny states employment is upon us, and it will be difficult to turn back.

If you value privacy, understand when and where it’s being strangled. This is just the beginning.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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