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‘We are not alone’: Scientists Claim Discovery of Alien Life Now Imminent

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‘We are not alone’: Scientists Claim Discovery of Alien Life Now Imminent

Scientists at NASA claim that soon we are likely to learn that aliens do exist. A moon circulating the planet of Jupiter allegedly contains all the elements needed to house life. And now scientists are on a mission to contact the planet.

Astronomer Galileo discovered Europa and three other Jupiter orbiting moons in 1610. It is now said that Jupiter hosts over 60 moons. But Europa, in particular, possesses all the necessary elements to allow for life.

NASA is so confident that life exists on Europa that they are building a space probe called the Europa Clipper to go and make contact. It’s expected arrival is sometimes in the early 2030s.

“Discovery now seems inevitable and possibly imminent,” says University of Melbourne researcher Cathal O’Connell.

The discovery of life on other planets might have consequences far beyond our wildest of imaginations. There are religious and political implications to accepting the fact that life either exists on another planet, or we could habitat that planet.

“It seems inevitable other life is out there, especially considering that life appeared on Earth so soon after the planet was formed,” O’Connell says. “And the definition of ‘habitable’ has proven to be a rather flexible concept too.”

“A discovery, if it came, could turn the world of biology upside down,” O’Connell says.

“Bacteria, fungus, cacti and cockroaches are all our cousins and we all share the same basic molecular machinery: DNA that makes RNA, and RNA that makes protein.

“A second sample of life, though, might represent a ‘second genesis’ – totally unrelated to us.”

europa life

The bright material is likely pure water ice, where life is highly likely to reside

The implications for evolution could be especially provocative. Particularly if this moon’s life cycle is nearer to the earlier stages. If we are to contact life on another planet, we might be creating enormous risks for our world. Would we be alerting life that doesn’t know about us that we do, indeed, exist? And what would that mean for our safety?

As has been proven in our own world, the discovery of new cultures hasn’t boded well for the newly discovered.

“As Mars was probably habitable before Earth, it is possible life originated there before hitchhiking on a space rock to here. Perhaps we’re all Martians.”

“The ancient question ‘Are we alone?’ has graduated from being a philosophical musing to a testable hypothesis. We should be prepared for an answer.”

Scientists believe that obvious irregularities on Europa’s surface make life on the moon an imminent discovery. You can see irregularities in the moon’s contrasts in the below image.

europa surface
In the 1990s, a Galileo probe unveiled the potential for massive oceans on Europa. Scientists believe the water to be saltwater.

“It may well be normal table salt (sodium chloride) – just like on Earth, says Lancaster University researcher Chris Arridge.

“This has important implications for the potential existence of life in Europa’s hidden depths.”

The Europa Clipper will measure Europa’s gravity. How much does it fluctuate? The fact that scientists have detected fire beneath the planet’s ice layers means gravity is having implications.

One thing is for certain, how and when we contact extraterrestrial life may decide our fate on earth.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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