Report Alleges Facebook Has ‘Hate Agent’ List That Censors Prominent Conservatives, Alternative Thinkers

facebook candace owens

Facebook reportedly keeps a list of “hate agents” that it advises its staff to watch for potential termination. Black conservative and prominent activist, Candace Owens, is shown on the list. Worse more, she’s shown on an additional list that gives “extra credit” to employees who find creative ways to censor her.

According to a Facebook employee source that spoke to Breitbart News, the “hate agents” list was disseminated through an internal Facebook employee channel. Brian Amerige, a former Facebook engineer, resigned over the list citing Facebook’s political intolerance as his reason. The source claims the “hate agents” list is populated with numerous conservative minded figures.

Breitbart obtained a screenshot of the list.

facebook candace owens

The spreadsheet aligns Owens with “affiliated hate entities.” The “extra credit” section serves to find creative ways to censor conservatives who are otherwise not currently banned. Owens name appears on this list, as well.

Owens was the subject of a 7-day suspension that Facebook is now calling “a mistake.” Owens fired back at the massive social media platform, clarifying that her positions were not a threat to black America. Owens displays a screencap of the Facebook post she says resulted in her ban using her Twitter account.

Owens Facebook account was reinstated after the social media company confirmed “that the content didn’t violate our policies.”

Facebook, speaking to Breitbart News, stated the following: “As we said earlier today, we mistakenly applied a temporary block to Candace Owens’ account that we have since restored. We recently announced a group of people that we removed from our services for violating our policies. Candace Owens was not one of those people.”

Concern over Facebook censorship continues to grow. The company now faces constant scrutiny over it’s alleged censoring tactics that seem to target conservative minded personalities and ideas. But world governments continue to support the notion of “hate speech,” which likely fuels Facebook and other social media companies censoring ways.

Anytime the government claims it’s protecting people from “violent speech,” be concerned, that’s the first big step towards censorship. And make no mistake about it, censorship is already in play. Censorship agendas no longer need authoritarian laws to function, rather, a public willing to buy into a fear-laden agenda and a cooperative social media ecosystem.

Author: Jim Satney

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