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Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review

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Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review

The Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife is one of the most premium fixed blade survival knife experiences a consumer can ever own. This knife is a 4-star cost, so if you are in the market for saving some money, I suggest you bounce over to my best fixed blade knives section and check out a few other options.

fallkniven a1 survival knifeHigher price points can sometimes indicate a higher level of quality, in some cases, when it comes to survival knives, it can also indicate a marketing gimmick. As my Fallkniven A1 survival knife review will show, this bad boy prepper knife is an incredible, powerful, sophisticated undertaking that lives up to every darn standard you could ever have for a fixed blade knife. If you are willing to pay a bit more, this knife would be a perfect knife to add to your bug out bag essentials list.

Here’s the thing: The Fallkniven A1 fixed blade is a simple knife experience. Most all the quality of the knife is in the blade and handle. This is not an “ultimate survival knife” experience. This is a knife that has the simple purpose of being the gold standard of all fixed blade knives. You won’t light fires and whistle for help with it, if that’s what you are looking for I suggest you hit up the Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife (it is more affordable anyway). This knife is just the most perfectly made, most sound quality, knife you will find on the market.

This is a 14.4-ounce knife (that’s on the heavier side, which is due to the increased blade length and high-quality steel and handle).

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Blade

The blade is a product of some of the world’s finest steel, VG10. VG10 steel is a type of steel commonly reserved for the highest quality chef knives. I have a VG10 steel review if you need it later. This material gives an “edge” to the Fallkniven A1 that most all other knives simply can’t compare with. The “G” in “VG” stands for Gold. And that’s the standard of this steel. It simply does not compromise.

Because the Fallkniven A1 blade is made from VG10, it will hold an edge much longer than most any other survival knife you will ever own. And although it comes terrifying sharp, you can actually sharpen it even further and that blade sharpness will last for eons. This blade steel is no joke whatsoever and it accounts largely for why this knife is so costly. This blade will last you lifetimes and lifetimes for whomever you pass it down to.

While the blade is made in Japan, the rest of the knife is a product of Sweden (I like to note this so that there is no confusion).

The blade’s steel is laminated creating an element of unsurpassable durability.

This is a drop point blade. The blade’s length is 6.3 inches. It is a plain edge by design but visually this knife exemplifies refinement and quality. That blade length is much more aggressive than that of typical survival knives. That’s a big consideration, some folks do not enjoy longer blades for all types of reasons. So consider that as a subjective purchasing factor. If you are wanting to carve out small branches or small game, this may not be your best option. But that long, thick, high-quality blade will make for a monster when you go on chopping details. It’s almost an ax. You can carve out a bison with this heavy blade. It has a 6mm blade thickness.

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Handle

The Fallkniven A1 fixed blade knife’s quality doesn’t stop at the blade, it carries through to the handle. The knife uses Kraton rubber to house the blade. Doesn’t matter if this handle gets wet, you will have a firm, confident grip. It doesn’t matter how much hammering you do on it, you won’t break it or compromise it in any way.

The knife balances perfectly between the blade tip and handles’s end, which means it is a perfect throwing knife. Even a less experienced knife thrower could toss this piece of survival heaven pretty nicely (be careful if you aren’t experienced at such things!!!).

The handle has grip dots on it and tends to swell out toward your palm, making it feel like a super secure grip.

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Sheath

The material used on the Fallkniven A1 sheath is Zytel.  The sheath’s plastic turns a lot of folks off because when you pay 4-star prices, you expect better. But as I’ve stated over and over, I simply don’t judge survival knives by sheaths. I’m aiming just for overall knife quality. I’d prefer a survival knife manufacturer put all their spend and efforts into making a high-quality knife, rather than a really great sheath. Sure, it would be nice if they’d done better here, but I’m not going to get too dramatic about it. 

In conclusion, the Fallkniven A1 survival knife is an epic experience. If you don’t mind spending the money, you simply can’t go wrong. A knife collectors collection is automatically upgraded. It is the perfect gift. And, it is a knife a survivalist would truly use.

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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