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Famous Cancer Researcher Dies From Yellow Fever Vaccine

Vaccine Issues

Famous Cancer Researcher Dies From Yellow Fever Vaccine

A popular cancer researcher has died following a yellow fever vaccine. Martin Gore, 67, was known by many as the Duke of Cambridge.

Gore suffered total organ failure following the vaccine. The vaccine is often recommended for those who may visit South America, Central America, and parts of Africa. Yellow fever vaccine side effects are most common in those with HIV or AIDS. There are no reports that Gore had any issues that could have reacted poorly with the vaccine.

Gore spent years researching ovarian cancer, melanoma, and renal cell carcinoma. He received The Royal Marsden’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015.

The Duke of Cambridge said at the time: ‘I’ve found Martin a source of inspiration – his infectious enthusiasm and passion for his work, and his obvious compassion and kindness for his patients, their family, and friends, reinforces my knowledge that The Royal Marsden is a truly special place.

‘He’s one of the pioneers of 20th-century cancer care, and a friend, colleague and trusted doctor to many.’

According to the Journal of Travel Medicine, incidents of yellow fever vaccine side effects are on the rise. Between 2007 and 2013, incidents occurred at a rate of four per 100,000 persons who received the vaccine. The situation is worse for those 60 years and older where the rate hits 6.5.

Peter Openshaw, an ex-president of the British Society for Immunology, told the Times that there has been a four-fold increase in the risk of side-effects for those 60 and above.

Most believe the risk of side effects from the vaccine are less than the risk associated with contracting yellow fever.

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