FBI Raids Two PA Nursing Homes Over COVID-19 Deaths

pennsylvania nursing home coronavirus investigation

In parts of Western Pennsylvania, nursing home deaths accounted for nearly 80% of all COVID-19 deaths. Those death numbers were used by local politicians to enact mandatory business shutdown orders. Now, it seems, the Federal government wants to understand why the egregious disparity between nursing home deaths and non-nursing home deaths.

FBI agents conducted searches of Beaver County and Mount Lebanon, PA nursing homes in regard to an ongoing investigation.

Beaver County’s Brighton Rehabilitation turned in especially high COVID-19 death numbers with 73 of 400 cases resulting in death. Brighton Rehab now says it is coronavirus free amid the investigation into its past. Brighton used hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus cases, a medical strategy it had to defend.

Back in August, a PA auditor claimed that Brighton Rehab refused to coorperate with a similar investigation.

Author: Jim Satney

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