Finland Residents Push Back on 5G Technology, Claiming Health Risks

Finland’s reputation as a global leader in the 5G technology spectrum may now be encountering rough seas. A growing number of the country’s citizens now seem uneasy by recent 5G network installations throughout the country. In fact, 2,300 citizens recently signed on to a petition hoping to quell 5G technology until more research on health concerns are carried out.

5G health risks are now a global conversation, something many governments are none too keen on. The Finnish petition is found here, you can read the English version as translated by Google here.

The signers of the petition are requesting that Finland’s powers that be ban 5G technology completely. The logic being that 5G technology requires many more network stations than prior 4G stations in order to provide service. The citizens claim that more dense use of 5G means increased exposure to electromagnetic waves.

5G Battle Hardly Exclusive To Finland

5g finland petitionAt the epicenter of the 5G health battle resides between global scientists and world governments. Governments and telecommunication companies desire 5G network technology because it could help boost their country’s overall tech sector. But scientists have been quick to point out that 5G health concerns may well be valid. The line in the sand is becoming more defined by the day. Some places, such as Vermont, have already amended 5G bills as a precautionary method. The city of Portland made national news when it attempted to completely block 5G installations. In Rhode Island, residents claim that telecommunication companies are installing 5G bases on lamp posts and stop lights in a rogue manner.

There is little doubt that emotions regarding 5G are running high.

For Finland, the developing friction serves as somewhat an embarrassment to a country considered to be on the forefront of 5G technology. Finland was one of the first countries in the world to test 5G technology. But the government isn’t likely to quickly pacify concerned residents.

The growing concern revolves around the emission of mid-range (sub-6GHz) radio waves which some believe reaks havoc on human cellular structure. This could harm the brain’s function, harm fertility, and increase a general risk of cancer. Many point to evidence of prior 4G and 3G having poor affects on human health. Currently, the CDC seems to be standoffish on the issue, hoping to see what happens. They believe that more research is needed, but stop short of saying 5G roll-outs should be tempered.

So far, there is little evidence that Finland’s government will slow down 5G roll-out in the face of growing criticisms. They’ve yet to respond to the current petition.

Author: Jim Satney

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