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Fixed Blade Or Folding Knife? A Look At Is Better For Preppers.

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Fixed Blade Or Folding Knife? A Look At Is Better For Preppers.

When it comes to what type of survival knife a prepper should own, it all has to do with what the survival knife will be used for. I often suggest that preppers own a variety of knives and I’m sure that many of you do. But that doesn’t mean that some preppers either don’t know or forget, what the advantages are of both folding survival knives and some of my best fixed blade survival knives are.

Folding Survival Knife Advantages

Folding knives offer a number of advantages over bigger, more robust fixed blade knives. For a prepper, they fit way easier as a bug out bag essential item. They don’t weigh the bag down and typically, they take up a lot less space in the bug out bag. Space in a bug out bag is often at a premium considering the bag is intended to help you survive for periods of time that may last up to a few weeks. Additionally, you may end up carrying the bug out bag around and the less weight, the better.

Folding knives are a much better option for concealed carry. You can typically conceal a folding knife in a jean pocket, which is why we call them pocket knives. When you consider EDC (every day carry), folding knives are an absolute top option. In modern society, it isn’t always a good idea to have a huge knife hanging from your jeans or dangling from your neck. You may not want to tip your hat to the bad guys, either, with a fully displayed weapon. Whether you are in a mall, or in a situation whereas you don’t want a bad guy to know you are armed, a folding knife is a wonderful option.

If the folding knife is made using premium materials and sophisticated and intelligent construction, it can be just as durable as a fixed blade knife. You will, of course, pay more for such an experience but it can be accomplished. In such cases, one might argue that the folding knife is more superior than the fixed blade knife due to the additional perks involved in size and concealment potential.

Folding Knife Disadvantages

A folding knife often isn’t as durable or powerful as a fixed blade knife. You probably don’t want to be forced to pummel into rocks or attempt to chop down small trees, with a folding knife. You risk injury and damage to the folding knife. The fact that the folding knife is made to fold is, in itself, a weakness.

In terms of self-defense, the folding knife’s main advantage is concealment. The downside is that you’d have to pull it from concealment and then open it or it’d offer no protection. Some folding knives are easier to open than others, but all of them must be opened which is an additional step that could take up more time than you have depending on the challenge you are faced with.

Fixed Blade Survival Knife Advantages

I’m a huge advocate of the fixed blade survival knife. The advantages are pronounced and defined. Having a good fixed blade knife is essential for any prepper, survivalists, or hunter. My favorite is the Ultimate Pro. You can read my Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Survival Knife review for more information on that one.

Fixed blade knives offer superior strength. If you purchase a full-tang fixed blade knife, which means the blade’s steel runs through the handle, you can use the knife to pummel into stones and wood. You can literally hammer the back of the handle. Because fixed blade survival knives don’t have any moving parts, they are much less likely to break. Even a cheap fixed blade is safer than a nicer folding knife in terms of durability. Any time you have moving parts, consequently, you have exposure to the risk of breakage.

This means using your fixed blade to dig, chop, break, pry, hammer….

Fixed blades are easier to keep clean. They are what they are, it is easy to visually see what needs to be cleaned.

Fixed blades may not be conceal friendly, but in a self-defense situation, they are ready to go. Additionally, the fixed blade offers a longer, more durable, more powerful blade. Fixed blades that are of higher quality are often balanced enough to throw (this requires practice, but they are often built for that).

The sheaths often times come with sharpeners. This is helpful in allowing you to quickly and easily sharpen your blade in situations where you might not have access to your stone.

Fixed blade knives could be more dangerous if not properly used. The blade is always exposed unless in the sheath. So it’s always one aspect to consider.

Another thing that you could do with a fixed blade knife, pending you are skilled enough, is to attach it as a bayonet to an SHTF AR-15 rifle.

Fixed Blade Survival Knife Disadvantages

Although the fixed blade is my favorite prepper knife, that doesn’t mean they are perfect. They definitely have some disadvantages.

  • They can’t be concealed as easily.
  • They weigh more.
  • They could be more dangerous if improperly used.

For preppers, survivalists, and hunters, having multiple survival knives on hand makes the most sense. Additionally, the best survival knife will almost always depend on what the needs of the knife are. What situation are you in? Do you live in a modern, urban space or are you in the great outdoors? Geography can often serve as the foundation of your prepper needs.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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