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American Documentary Says Japan Where They Say it is ‘Dripping in Meat and Fat’


American Documentary Says Japan Where They Say it is ‘Dripping in Meat and Fat’

The war on fat, while not what it was a decade ago, remains catastrophically a part of American life. The fact is, even though all the science showing all fats to be unhealthy have been debunked by science, many Americans remain afraid of fat and often blame it for their obesity. Fat-free products remain top-selling food products.

The documentary team from FoodLies.org, an organization that’s teamed up with top physicians in the country and serves to debunk western food conspiracies, went to Japan to find out how their culture interacts with fatty meats. What they found was that Japan, though often considered a country that eats loads of rice with a few servings of seafood per week, actually loads up on fatty meats. And it would seem, their culture is immensely healthier for it.

Tuna, eggs, wagyu beef, chicken livers and all types of extraneous parts of animal and fish are eaten daily.

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Furthermore, the team interviewed local Japanese residents who claim they don’t know any vegans or vegetarians, a popular dietary chose in America that in many circles is considered “healthier.”

Check out their video today and let us know what your thoughts are on vegan trends and the anti-animal fat crowd.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.