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Former Playboy Model Rejects Chemotherapy, Will Use CBD Oil Instead

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Former Playboy Model Rejects Chemotherapy, Will Use CBD Oil Instead

Former Playboy playmate, Kerri Parker, is now in the fight for her life against brain cancer. The 34-year-old model has announced that she will be opting to use CBD oil in place of chemotherapy, a decision that now has her embroiled in controversy.

CBD oil has been shown to help pancreatic cancer sufferers, however, the science in using it for any cancer treatement remains new.

Parker told the Daily Mirror she’s been using CBD oil since September, the month she was originally diagnosed with life-threatening cancer.

Her doctors told Parker she needed “wanted [her] to have 10-12 cycles” of chemotherapy, calling it her “best shot at survival.” They also told her that “no one with brain cancer has managed to have the full lot.”

The one time Miss United Kingdom is battling her second brain tumor, the previous one was surgically removed. She also says she realizes the dark consequences that could result from using a cannabis treatment in England, such as prison time.

“I could be put in prison … I truly believe it is the only chance I have of survival.” Parker said.

Parker says she’s concerned over the harsh side-effects that chemotherapy tends to prompt.

“I train daily, run a model academy and a nutrition business and I don’t want cancer to affect all of this,” she went on to explain.

“Cannabis has helped many others with cancer. I’m willing to put faith in it too. I can’t imagine any judge would convict a girl for using cannabis to save her life. It’s a risk I’m ready to take.” Parker concluded.

The American Cancer Society says that there have been no studies to support the use of CBD oil or cannabis as a treatment for cancer. That’s a rather unsurprising synopsis on their part, however. CBD oil research investment isn’t exactly funded in the same stratosphere as pharmaceutical solutions, such as chemotherapy, are.

Author: Jim Satney

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